Sunday, December 9, 2012


Thanks to Pinterest I saw an idea for a new ottoman.. Just liked how they reused an old  coffee table. I pinned the idea.probably will never use the idea..but someone may..I continued pinning things for weeks.. like we all is my cyber "hoarding" space. Well in Oct. while we were spending 2 months on the beach we were out shopping and  I ran across some fabulous cow hides.. YES ..cow hides.. I love them..even tho I am more of a girly girl in decorating. I petted it and left..Since I had no use for one. Next day sitting on the beach it hit me. OH i could make that cowhide into that ottoman. A large one to scoot up to the sofa to make it feel like a lounger.. sooo back to town we went to pick thru the hides..$100 for here it is Dec..  I had been driving past my fav. junk store..never seeing the perfect table to reuse.One day I took dear hubby and off we went junking..40 miles from home..the 3rd place we went.. boom there it was..The legs were perfect. Paid the lady $38 ..she was shocked I would just want the legs off the table..well it was  rectangle shape..and the top of the table was shaped so it would not work..and I knew how prices plain new legs at Lowes load up table... lets roll.. Hubby cut me a 28" X 28" square of plywood, rounded the I went to town to buy a cushion and some batting and nail heads.. Of course all the cushions were 24 x 24.. Well I ordered a memory foam pad off the internet ,$48and cut it up in to 2 28 x28 squares..and now I have enough of that to recushion the settee at the foot of our bed.. so that will be  getting a lift soon.

.but first.. glued the foam on with hot glue in a few places to hold it steady while I wrapped it in the hide. thicker than normal upholstery fabric.. but got it done..stapled it all on with staple gun... then trying to  keep the nail heads all in a nice line was tricky..ended up using some masking tape as a guide. The legs off the table I sanded lightly, primed with Kilz, then two coats of Colonial Cream. and mixed me up some antique glaze of  Asphaltum color paint (craft paint and clear glaze 50/50) brushed on the antique, let it set for a few min..them wipe off excess.. After that dried I used the glaze mix and spattered the legs with  a toothbrush..let that dry and sprayed them with a quick mist of clear coat paint. SO here it is.. LOVE it.. I may actually sit on the couch now.. there's a place to put my feet up !!! so adding up the nail heads and other things I bought to finish the job.. I spent a total of $190 !

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sterling Silver

I have a small collection of odd pieces of silver.. It started with a  few spoons from an antique store in Colorado.. nothing fancy.. just some old  cheap things..   Last year I decided to display them in the gathering room on the wall with the pretty sea turtle green paint..that looks more like Tiffany Box Blue. Recently they needed some cleaning, so  I decided to add new background to a couple.. I used anaglypta wallpaper scraps..and painted it with some of the blue paint, cleaned up the silver and back on the wall it went.  The silver is hot glued to the it's easy to redo. I took my husbands baby spoon, and got a fancy frame I had planned to use for something else, but that didn't work perfect for his spoon.. I made a copy of his birth certificate, resized it so I could see the "Family History, and other words I wanted to show up.. glued that into the frame, added the freshly shined spoon ..and on the wall it went.  A few months ago  as my sister and I were cleaning out some things in her shed.. there was her silver she had put in a box..and some of it was starting to look pretty ruff out in a humid shed for so long.. she didn't have plans to use it..soo I was tickled to get it..and I took some of the pieces, cleaned them up, and with a box I found at Marshalls,  that  I added the anaglypta and paint to, her silver looks great.. I love how it looks on the wall. yes, I see one day a full wall of silver.. I do have some   silver in my art studio displayed on  a shelf, but I see a new vision the platters from my sisters stuff will be on display soon !! There is something warm and cozy about looking at silver.  

Painting... again !

I just love the Sea Turtle Green paint.. it looks more like  a Tiffany Box Blue.. I first painted the revamped gathering room this color.. then I  loved it so much I painted the Kitchen and back entry..even the door panels. (( HAD the paint..Had to use it , right? )))  So months go by and I still get so happy seeing it..and I had leftover I had to paint the upstairs hallway.. I left the tall walls the "sugar cookie" ..dreading tackling the tall wall up the stairwell. AND  I like the way the colors look together.  A few more months go by, and wild hair hits.. so I decided to paint the master bedrooms Vanity area..since it is separated by a wall with a wide opening.  Hmm do I have enough paint.. maybe not.. so a quick call to my sister... we recently  painted her master bathroom this color..sooo she had extra, I mixed it with my leftover..and yes.. I LOVE It.. I like how the painted  cabinets I did, go so well. really makes them POP..and I  don't think I am a beige person..the butterscotchy-biege color  bored me after  a few years.. AND I do plan to paint the master bedroom area  when we get back from the beach this  fall. I will have to buy more paint..but I love waking up and seeing this color.. and anytime I am in a room with it..I feel calm and relaxed..and HAPPY.  Kind of shocking...since PINK is my SIGNATURE color.. But my  art studio is I am good !

  Hope this color makes you  smile too ! Here are some before and after pictures.. of the upstairs hall and the master vanity area.. and the master bedroom area that will be getting  the "blues" next !

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wishin Fish Chair

Oh this is a HAPPY day at the HAPPY SHACK. When we were in Florida last fall I saw this great Adirondack style chair cut to look like a bright pink and green..Priced..well too much $$$  sooo I searched online and found a pattern from We adapted the pattern and used cement board for the head and fin.So after Dons hard work of cutting the wood and sanding it for me in a hot garage on a 104 degree day.. I then got to paint it PINK..and start mosaic on primed cement board.I worked on this upstairs in my art studio, and asked my hubby if it would fit down the stairs after he assembled it.. OH  Sure he said... well yes it fit down the stairs..BUT not out of the door  of my studio. SO he had to remove both arms..and I had to refill the screw holes and re paint them..but DONE..  So here are some pix of the one we saw in FLA.  and the stages this chair took.. The grout is curing then I can seal the grout and put this beauty outside. It is called the Wishin Fish Chair because when I saw the ones in Fla.  I wished I had one..but price and the fact it would not fit in our convertible V.W to get it my wish for a fish chair came true.. come on over and sit in it and make your  WISH !

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Private beach

Love  the feeling of sand between your toes.. a nice sunny day.. beach time is the best.. Since we don't live at the beach year long.. we brought the beach to the lake.. Don built me a personal beach, with our own sugar sand... It gets us thru the days when we are not ocean side ! I recently painted the front door PINK. and added some pots of flowers on the steps.. I picked up that idea from Pinterest.. I had  been  tempted to paint door for a while..Pinterest just sent me over the edge to do it !

The Major Award

Yes we have all seen the movie, Christmas Story. The Major Award, Leg Lamp. I know it is so kitschy but I still love that lamp.. I see it on the movie year after year. So this past Holiday.. there it was.. the after Christmas sale.. 1/2 off at Walgreens... I just impulsed shopped it.. Then got it home.. sheshh..that is one ugly lampshade. What was I thinking.. it looked better in the movie.. maybe it should have forever stayed there !! Oh well, 1/2 price.. it would find a new home.. I can pass it down in a yard sale or something.  Then one day it happened.. I had a  thought.. IF i made a leg would be so much more "Girly"....and " PINK"..   then a thought ran thru my head that turned into a vision.. Pink polka dot satin fabric I already had,white ribbon with pink polka dots,  I also already had.Pink feather boa, used  a 40% off coupon, pink paint to repaint the lamp base and  cord, diamond dust glitter for the base on top of the pink base. A tiny rhinestone on her shoe, some beaded garland as her garter , high on her thigh. This is the results.. before.. Ughh-ly..... after... Pink-taculous ! It looks  great in my PINK  art studio. These pictures were taken against the Tiffany blue walls so it would stand out. (like it doesn't STAND OUT on its own. Tee hee.. It makes me smile to see it. Hope you get a giggle out of it too !

Spring into Beach time !

We plan to be home all summer.. till  our Sept./Oct months at the beach. I wanted a more beach   feel in the eating area.. we call it the gathering room.. we eat there and sit in the tan chairs  a lot to enjoy the  lake view. I found fabrics to  work with my idea. Then a  screen printed flamingo pillow, printed on both sides. I cut that pillow apart, and made two cushions. Added fabric to make larger pillows , a new curtain topper above the table. I used pink flamingo  picnic table cloth hold downs. I made a new ottoman cover,and two small throw pillows.. All this can  be quickly changed out for Fall.. I set the table with pink polka dot bowls and pink stripe plates.. feels great ! Bring on the summer weather !

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sweet Retreat for Summer

I have been thinking of the upcoming spring and summer. The past two years we have not been able to spend many weeks at the lake due to ill family and friends in other states. Sadly we lost friends and family. Now we want to spend some quality time at the lake.. Today  I envisioned time on the porch.. Having a slice of pie, and sweet tea, or cookies and lemonade.  To enjoy some sunsets with friends on the porch with us is something  I am so looking forward to.. So I shall call it  "Sweet Retreat" !  Lets hit the porch this year and enjoy the sunsets, fireflies, some fish making ripples on the lake..and a few ducks floating by.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Laundry area re-vamp

Our laundry area is right inside the back door. We had finished it with a small cabinet on one side.with granite top, and nice tall cabinets and wood trim. After  walking  by this area so many times, I decided I didn't like seeing the  metal top of the washer and dryer..We had some leftover granite..but not enough to do the whole top, so we added some marble we also had leftover from the floors.. Now we have a full counter top to fold  clothes on, with no fear of socks escaping behind the appliances.