Sunday, February 20, 2011

Living room makeover !

The two room re-dos are almost done.. this living room that use to have the eating area in it  is now just for living ! Love how it turned out. I just have to repaint the walls.. AND I can not tell you how many paint chips I have looked at.. and you can see some of the sample paint. WELL we got all the new furniture placed, and low and behold, we love the original soft green.. SO it is staying, and I just have to buy more for a fresh coat of the room..We need to find a large area rug for winter, and a new door way rug. Also on the hunt for a new lampshade. OTHER than that we love it all. The furniture we bought and had stored since the first of Dec. so we are happy to get to use it. Check out my older posts to see the before.. beige furniture, corner glad we had the idea  to make this a living room only ! Notice the end tables, yup the $15 bargains I painted and antiqued.. Sorry Robin,  I think they will stay here..BUT I am on the look out for some to paint for YOU  !! I better get to the Y junk store so I can get them done before our spring trip to see you !

The "Gathering" room

If you look back to some of my older post you will see how this room used to look. It had a juke box, my pedal car collection, and the two chairs that face the lake for a great relaxing view. Well this room was not getting  used to it's best potential. We do sit in the chairs mostly in spring, waiting for the weather to warm up so we can be out side.The windows were just too drafty in winter.. curse those old cheap windows..glad to have new warm ones, that are double hung and so easy to clean. NOW we moved the juke box to the living room, took out the corner banquet eating area in the living room.. we decided to have ONE larger living room, and by swapping  things around it has worked out great. I love the "Tiffany box" blue paint in the room. The view from the new bench is awesome. Don built the back board and bench, and I painted it to match the chairs I had redone a few months ago. I added a mirror on the wall I painted a while back, and the  new white mirror above the bench was a bargain for $ was just a gold frame, no mirror.. so I painted it and found a beveled mirror the perfect size. I covered the seat bench, made some pillows for the tan chairs, sewed the little  tab top valance, painted the curtain rod in the blue and cream to match the bench. The rug under the chairs, I was so afraid it was not going to be the right color blue with the fabrics.. BUT everything has just fit together like a glove ! Some of my favorite things.. the spoons.. the single baby spoon on the top right, was Dons baby spoon, all his siblings used it his Mom said. The use of corbels next to the mirror and the blue flocked candle holders, my pink trike, the metal pigs with wings on my white cabinet. So many things I enjoy.  I love being in this room..! Join me for a snack and enjoy the view!

New dining table

Since we are changing the rooms around some , the eating area needed a new table. Don built me the base, 36 " x 52"    I used stained glass I cut, nipped and tumbled (by shaking the glass in a plastic container with soap, water, and glass marbles.. shake shake shake, and all the sharp shards are gone..and ready  to glue on the  table.  i then put   Kilz on the wood, drew me a pattern, then started adding  glass, finished it with grout and sealer. Don put the legs on and  I added a fresh coat of paint..and we are enjoying meals off it. Total time spent 86 hours !

Tables finished

Remember these to "ruff" tables. I got them finished, and  I think they will be perfect with the new furniture. Remember I got them for $15 each. They had a musty smell in the drawers.. but I gave the insides of the drawers a coat of Kilz paint primer, and then a coat of paint too. NO smell at all. ALL clean and fresh. I just love the style of these old tables.