Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shabby Chic door

I have always loved the old doors and windows used in so many ways. I cam across this 10 window  door, 24" wide, and actually passed it up 3 times at the junk store.. I had forgot I was wanting to do one.. NOW that's crazy,, I guess I have so many projects going I loose  track. BUT for a $5 bill I drug this ratty thing home.. I didn't realize the  rotted wood on one end.. It stayed in my garage for 3 months.. and I finally thought.. use this or get it out of the way..I had my husband run it thru the table saw to remove the rotted end.. I cleaned it up, scraped the windows, only two  were missing.. Some white paint.. and I had some wood appliques a friend had  given they were paint blue and antiqued.. I put a little reproduction door knob on it.. and some  keys hanging from the knob.  This chicken was made  a few years ago, and she really needed a perch !  The   chicken sitting on the collumn, is actually made from cement, and I painted her white, she has roses painted on her fanny. I call her Rose Butt.       This is all sitting at the top of the stairs, I am glad to get it done, and enjoy seeing it when I pass by to my studio  to work on some new vision !