Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday gifts galore !

Here are some of  the sweetest gifts I got this year. The ruffled apron, brown and pink fabric with tiny sparkly flecks in it.. Bernie sent it to me, made by her sister Michelle..and the hot pink "pearl" necklace... She knows  how to accessorize ! I whipped up some cookies and it was fun to be all frilly in the retro apron. I love the little OOH LA LA plate on the counter next to the PINK floral mixer..NOW that's cooking !  I also was standing next to the picture of me in my Easter dress from when I was a kid..and  above it  u can see the PINK glittery sign with a mini tiara that says THE QUEEN REIGNS HERE.. YES she does.. and OHHH sista chic Deb from New Jersey sent me the  bling bling Birthday Girl Goblet..yes.. I do drink my fizzy Dr. Pepper out of it. And sista chic Robin from Tennessee sent me the  sweetest scrap book album/journal that's too pretty for me to scrawl my chicken scratch writing in.... among some other sweet gifts.. Thank u all for thinking of me... Love u !