Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yes, I am guilty of painting this golf cart.. from green and boring beige seats... to Perfect in Pink..with some fun flower power.. OH they know it's ME when they see this. Dear Hubby put in a lot of the labor,sanding, painting it pink.. it took both of us to recover the seats, and I hand painted the flowers on it.. It makes people smile when they see it.. and there isn't another one like it... bet ya !

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunset,perfect ending to any day !

We sure get awesome sunsets here. The humidity in the air, and the sun setting over the water always makes me stop to look, and enjoy the great life I am so lucky to live. Being able to be retired young and spend so much time with my better half .. a sunset boat cruise, jump in for a swim any time you desire... I think this does beat the city life.. bring on the lightning bugs,and first star of the evening.You can find me lazing on the lounger soaking in the sunset !

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great trash to treasure find

I was out on the golf cart this weekend.. cruised by a small yard sale.. looked like nothing for me there.. exercise stuff..NOPE... Nuttin to see here... then I spied it .... just daring me to take a closer look..and I did.. there she was.. whispering.." take me home... I have potential..." I kept looking away. trying to ignore the call.. my mind asked her.. "where will I put you" ? Do I NEED you" ? I chatted up the yard sale lady trying not to look at this interesting beauty.. and then I see a tag ... $3 ... OH that had to be a mistake.. I had to be seeing wrong.. instantly my trash to treasure brain kicked in.. $3 if you don't use it for you.. bet u can give it as a gift all fixed up... hmmm ??? then she said.. " OH NOOOO .. if you take me home.. I stay !! I know there is a spot waiting for me in your art studio.... I need some paint, antiqued and look.. I fold down ! " Well that was the kicker.. I saw the "VISION" she was sending.. antique blue with pink cabbage roses on the inset of the tray...The detail will pop with paint..that metal braid rope is so unique... I pulled out $3 ..loaded that beauty on the cart...and was long gone.. Next time you see her.. she will be calling to YOU too...you can look... she's here to stay.. !

Belated Birthday Gift for Sis

I finally got this gift done for my dear friend over at CandyCreek blog. Robin is like a true sister to me. We met online in 2000 during Big Brother. We have so much in common. My hubby and I traveled to her lake home in Tennessee last summer..and she will be flying here very soon.. OMG... we are going to giggle ourselves silly. Plenty of Girl Talk.. watch some Big Brother together..and a few crafts, golf cart around to show her our lake..boat rides. jet ski...and plan my visit to her house in Aug.. Oh we are so lucky to be able to spend time together. Her family made us so comfy from the minute we pulled into her drive..and they had the perfect spot for our camper right down near the water...it felt like home.. seeing the lake . We look forward to our trip again !I will hand deliver this to her then. I took a unused cabinet door.. paint, paint.. extra wood trims.. some decoupage and turned it into a chalkboard..maybe she can use it in her freshly redone kitchen.. I added a leftover handle from my kitchen cabinets, and had a little Tiffany jewelry bag that will hold her chalk. A hook for keys.. SO she is set to make a list. LOVE YOU SIS.... !!

Girly tote bag

This bag I painted all girly girl.. I have it hanging in the art studio.. so I can grab it and fill it and tote stuff when I need to... I also painted a black duffle bag like this to travel with.. My dear hubby sure looks cute carrying that duffle bag thru hotels.. my hands are full with my pink and white polka dot computer case ! Good thing he is secure in his manliness !!

Back to the BLOG

Yikes.. Time does fly.. so I wanted to post some close up of the projects in the art studio.. maybe you will enjoy some of the details. Hope so.. I have felt like I abandoned my blog..but I am back with some fun stuff to show.. projects every where.. and tooo many more in my head.. LoL