Sunday, July 16, 2017

1/2 bath redo

 We have a little 1/2 bath just beside the laundry area... It has been decorated  in a light house theme since we built the house in early 2000.. I had used wide wallpaper  borders at the base and a lighthouse mural at the center of one wall.. I was over it.. time for change..I had put some stencils on the wall using  sheetrock mud for a 3 D palm tree effect, and added stencil paint to give the palms color. So I sprayed the trees with a little water, let it set for 5 min. and scraped off the mudded stencil designs.. I peeled off the paper, retextured the walls and ceilings. Then prime and paint.. Ceiling is Bermuda Bay with a pearl white metalic glaze.  The walls are Ibis white, with white pearl  metalic paint rolled over the ibis, two coats. The trim and crown molding was white, so I added metalic pearl white on top of it to make it shimmer. Love it. I went with  a mermaid them to make the sink I had painted  years back to POP..I also painted the vanity in Diva Pink, with some Eraser Pink.. I made it into chalk paint. but still had to prime the cabinet base and  shelves due to the melamine that it was made from.. so the paint would stick. I then brush white metalic pearl paint over the pink.. I did it to the mirror, shelves and vanity base. Added some fress pint to some of the decor, like the wood tone  ships wheel, and the 1/2 ship that sets on the mirror ledge. I brought in my mermaid theme..the mermaid clothes hanging on an oar to "dry" I had made   in 2010 and it was hanging in the upstairs hall. along with the Suz Seas Spa, and the  Weeki Wachee Mermaid Poster I had put on an old window with decoupage and paint.I love getting to go to Weeki Wachee to see the mermaid show.  I found the cute  mermaid knobs at Hobby Lobby and put them on the vanity doors. The two watercolor  mermaid prints were made from our lake neighbor when she was  5 and 9...she is now 18. She was on THE VOICE in 2015, Madi Davis.. she is a doll.. She also just scored the music and sang the title track for a movie that was just released  at Cannes Film Festival, called "Enter the Fire, with Lou Ferrigno. She is amazing.
I also put glitter on the  light globe covers.