Saturday, March 28, 2009

Relaxing while paint dries

After a day of two coats of pink paint and removing tape.. I was ready to head in here for a nice long soak, and crank up the Jacuzzi to get the kinks out.
My little Cubby hole in the master bath area.. Just a nice deep Jacuzzi tub, lots of bubbles and candles.. I love the sea glass green with the crisp white.. The paint job in the craft studio will be similar..only pink on top. For some reason I actually like the potty in here and the sink vanity out in the other part of the room...I think I'm just weird like that. I love the little stuffed duck on the top of the storage cabinet. Tomorrow it's on to white paint...!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Craft Studio remake

I have got the Vw border and theme out of the are some before pix...and here is a pix with white primer on all the walls.. I may be dreaming about pink ..or I will be having pepto bismal nightmares..In a week or so we get to go to Old Town VAN Buren Ark,, hope they still have the great antique/ used furniture I can find the pieces I have in my vision.. but till then I have many things to prime and paint..check back sooooon !
NOW>>>PINK & WHITE ... I have some caulk to do and a little more paint on trim... but need a run to town for more wanting to get the room put back together so I can start the fine tuning ! Onward !

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Idea peice

We got back from two weeks of the beach.. We had the best weather.. 70's to wind.. got some burn .. some tan.. so I read and then thought of all the ideas for my craft room I'm about to redo.. I will post before and after pix.. But it is going from beachy to shabby chic/ parlor. We stopped and shopped along the way and I found this great trash can at T.J MAX..Yes.. Robin at Candy Creek helped.. I called her on the phone so she could google TJMAX so I could find one. Thank U, Sista chick.. so this was perfect.. I can do the pink and white and cream and pull in some French blue. {thinking the blue from the pictures of my Master bath cabinets} Even tho this trash can has more of a robins egg blue/green tinge.. it doesn't all have to be matchy matchy.. Got home after 10 pm last night and by 2 pm today I was buying paint, rollers, tape..primer.. I am ready to roll....I chose "capricious pink" . and wouldn't you know "capricious" means the quality of being guided by sudden and unpredictable impulses... Well thats for sure.. My hubby said.. "well the currant decor in that room lasted one and a half years ! " I hope to take before pix tomorrow and start removing border.. UGHHHH... BUT hope it comes off easy. I have a vision

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Glory Hole

A few years back my friend, Michele asked me to help her get her Christmas decorations from her Glory Hole.... I was wondering what or where that MIGHT be... she had just moved in to a different home. I find out it's her crawl space. Well she said that's what her Mom called her storage area.. I loved it.. it sounded so mysterious and Glorious too.. So while we were building the Happy Shack, it was my job to help insulate the walls. I got to wall happens to have plumbing in it for the out door shower. Insulation was done, sheet rock, texture, and paint.. AHH perfect! Next spring we return to work on the house.. turn on the water. OH MY..LOOK water flowing into the house from the shower wall.. Well I didn't know I was suppose to put the insulation batting between the exterior wall and pipes.. SO Hubby had to cut a hole in my pretty finished walls I had textured and painted last fall. Light Bulb moment.... GLORY HOLE... make a little access door.. so if we ever need in that wall again to fix a pipe or whatever.. no more repairing of wall.. SO I gave him the idea of how I wanted it made.. NOW here is my Glory Hole door.. we just have to pop off 4 little wood dots to access screws, to remove the little square part of the "door" . I had to dress it up..I am known as Miss Fancy Pants... nothing can be left plain. I used anaglypta paper, a cute arch I got at Ross for $12, (I bought all 4 arches and have them all around the house ) and even a little door knob reproduction from Wal-mart for $6 that I did a patina treatment to, some extra wood "angel wing" shape appliques to the arch..left over trim from the house ..DONE ! I love it when people ask me what's behind that door? Its only 3 feet tall..... Maybe it's for "Alice to access the Rabbit Hole.. Simply Glorious !!!