Thursday, December 5, 2013

Boyfriend Jeans

 I  saw some jeans over at crushpartyblog spot  a few years back...go see them on her blog.

Fell in love.. and tried to come up with my own pair..using her ideas.. Oh her jeans are the MOST fab pair.. SO after  grabbing her ideas ..I bought a new pair of mens jeans.. a tad bigger than me... since the idea of boyfriend jeans is to  steal them from your at the rate I am going I am going to need a bigger boyfriend.. Yikes.. so took the jeans and washed them many times in some bleachy water,,then cut me some holes and let them fray out, used sandpaper to wear them some more.. I had to get me some holes to patch and fast... then picked out some fabrics I loved.. some even had words printed on i used it too. I used  iron on fusing to put on the fabric and jeans.. lots of  fun colors of embroidery floss, some left over fabric from my wedding dress I cut up years ago to make stuff with.. hey.. I was never going to wear that reuse it.  and I get to see bits of it at a time..I have made several projects from it..and it's not all hidden in a box. Plus it was a hand made by my Mom, in the 70"s for very little money.. so even better.. soo memories I can see all the time.     Anyway I used the lace on the back pocked and the two little flowers are made of the bodice lining, singed over a candle to shrink it up.. fun stuff.. hot care full making those flowers..added our  initials and year we  married... Some seed pearls, some silk ribbon floss.. some patches.. The heart patch  with the  grommet hole was a hang tag off a top I bought. There is a Tiffany & Co. patch I love.. it came from a friend that worked in New York Tiffanys. I can add new patches as I wear  hole in these.. So grab u some old jeans.. hmm maybe at the used  clothing rack ?? and get you some comfy fun boyfriend jeans of your own ! So here are some pix..

Craft studio refreshed !

I had to repaint the craft studio.. I didn't realize how long it has been since I painted it pink.. But many nail holes later..and no touch up paint to match.. So just gave it a whole fresh coat of pink. Then decided to paint the hutch in pink and white. It was a little on the Pepto pink on he hutch color, since it was the next color darker than the wall color.. I tamed it down by dry brushing white over the pink areas. I decided to get rid of the table skirt and let the file drawers show..and added black and white damask style wrapping paper, i did it the easy way and just double stick taped the paper on.. I tried decoupage, it was just a wrinkly sticky mess.. I did decoupage my sewing machine case, and the trash can.  I double stick taped the  damask paper to the back of the hutch also, since it is bead board backed , I  knew one day would come and I would want to change it up again. I also used some of the damask paper to cover a shoe box, and I was able to hide my electric outlet plus in it. I tried setting up a "candy station" that seems to be the rage..where u use pretty containers to display your supplies.. I don't like how it looks.. I do mosaics, but not every it seemed odd to have the glass bits on display, and  just tend to put my supplies away, that's why I have the pretty mosaic and painted dresser and my closet.. SO I will redo the contents of the hutch at some point. I think I will display my old silver tea sets, and silver ware, etc. and maybe some of the milk glass will stay.  I hung up some  white lights over the window so  it will be all lit up on the gloomy winter days when we don't have a peep of sun, and the grey goes forever.. I think the lights will be a cheerful thing.  I also repainted the work table top, while it was wet I sprinkled  prism glitter all over it..LOVE that.There is a photo of me on the wall, I am sitting on my dads Buick.. I will always love cars ! There is also a pix of  my dress form, with the green dress.. I put lights on it so i could plug it in and the skirt part lights up.. I think I need brighter lights than the rope lights.
Dear Robin from CandyCreekblogspot was here this summer and brought me some great Breakfast at Tiffanys note pads, etc. She's a doll !
 I got 3 mosaic's almost finished this week, and cleaned up in the room, so I can sew a few things..trying some clothing revamps, adding some lace on some things. Tomorrow I paint the living room.. THAT is calling to me.. I want the fresh coat of paint in the  Tiffany box blue in that room..yes, that color is taking over the house. I love  love it..and it makes me feel happy and calm, all at the same time.