Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pink Schwinn

I love seeing the coaster bikes on the beach. I always think if the last bike I had growing up. It wasn't pink, it was read.  The past  two years I have been seeing  pink retro bikes..and  even tho I have a nice mountain bike, I had to get me a pink bike to cruise around the lake.  She is pink and white pearlescent paint. and awesome. WOW what a workout compared to my mountain bike that has  gears ! I like being able to sit upright to ride.. it's much easier on my back.. but no gears, more work out on your legs.. ALL good. Her pink rims and white sidewalls, the nice roomy pink and white seat.. she makes me smile to look at her.. I hope u get a smile too !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Pink Door" welcomes you !

Yup.. the boring white back door..needed pink and white. With all  the accents on the back door screen.. this needed to happen.. I love walking in that door..hope  you do too !

Somethings Fishy

I decided my faded lure mailbox  needed some beach flair. It was originally very  green with some shimmer for scales. That  quickly faded and started to time for a makeover. There is no doubt  whose house this goes too !  I added the bling and some glimmer to the patio paints I used. I used some  plastic pastel lacing from the kids  craft dept. to make the lure stringers at the back.  I hope I don't  catch any "Bill-fish" with this lure !

Sand pails & shovels.

I love sand pails and shovels.... I started finding  shovels on the decided to "Collect & display" some.. Seems like I mostly find  yellow shovels. I did buy some new  shovels to help start the display. I had  a pretty  card from my sweet friend Teresa in McKinney,TX  I have saved it for years, finally framed it and  added it to my display. I hung them at the top of the stairs, opposite of the mermaid outfit.. just a little whimsy..brings out the kid in me every time I see them....and wouldn't you know it.. we have been at the beach one week and I already found a shovel..and's yellow !  I hope to find another pink one! YOU never know.. we will be here two months !