Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Projects started

The new windows will be installed Friday. While  I have been waiting for them, I repainted the "gathering room" formerly the den..now it's going to be the eating area with a sitting area..so "gathering room".
Paint is awesome.. called sea turtle but looks like Tiffany box blue. Re-caulked all the  crown molding, wow what liars... that stuff only lasted 3 years.. BUT nice and tidy now. I started cutting the stained glass I need for my new dining table. And even got the design made to trace onto the table top.. Don got the new table top ready for me to start my mosaic. I need to buy some more stained glass to have enough colors. I am excited to get to it ! I will be holed up in my studio for days. The fabric for the seating etc, doesn't have as much blue in it as I hoped.. I bought a few more pieces ..NOT sure its going to match the rug I got..need to check that out..in case rug has be returned. Off to make my shopping list.. definitely need a new glass cutter wheel..I have cut so many sheets of glass with this one it is DONE .  Check back.. cuz when the gathering room is done.. I think  you will like it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Repainted shutters

Since we are getting all new windows, the shutters needed to come down while they install.. SO i scrubbed the shutters and gave them all a fresh coat of pink, blue , yellow , green slats.. and clear coat..so they will be nice and bight. GOOD as new. I started scrubbin them yesterday and got them all done this afternoon..so that chore wasn't too bad. Return to list of posts

My re-vamped chairs

These chairs were originally cream, plain.. I added flowers to them in 2004.  Last week I sanded all the flowers off, repainted with my favorite blue and cream, then antiqued them, then added small pink flowers, pale green leaves and vines. They will go in our new "gathering room"  We are re arranging the dining room/living room combo, so that the living room is all living room, and the chairs will be part  of the eating area, along with two comfy chairs that view the lake. I cant wait to get my paint on the walls, and get that project in full gear. BUT we are waiting for the new windows to be installed..so I am at a little standstill. However tomorrow I can  go to Pryor and try to get me some more  fabric to match the chair seats..  Tonight I stopped my projects so I could make some Christmas goodies.. ugghh I'm so not into them this year.. Made Don a batch of  turtle candies and some chocolate spritz cookies with raspberry centers.. 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Great Grandparents chairs

Dons Mom recently passed away... years ago she got two old chairs that originally had came woven seats..but the seats were long gone. She kept one chair and gave us the other. Dons father sanded hers down, we left ours in its old used glory.I got out my paints and did my best to make the wood look aged like ours. Ours is the larger brown and white  covered seat and we have had this chair for probly 5 years ..For Moms chair  I found the white and brown spotted hide. DOn cut us some simple wood seats, so I could pad and cover them. I chose to use fur on cowhide.. I love how rustic they turned out.. they are so little compared to furniture these days. His great grandparents and is grandparents used these for years,They look like they are whittled wood. They have found a sweet little spot in our house and our hearts. A treasured memory.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Robin's Chair

I wanted to paint a chair for my dear friend that is so sweet and we just  feel a sister bond. I know she needed on for her desk she repainted blue.. We will be going to see them in Tennessee in the spring..so we can carry the chair to here...and I plan to doll up her desk with this same technique..adding the vine and some antique stain. I got this precious Chippendale style chair  for $8.  I love the feet on it.. and the carving . SO here is the after.. found this fabric in my favorite  fabric store in Pryor... Got enough of  it and some other pieces for my  room redo.. It will have the french country blues and  creams.. and some tan. The walls are going to be painted the softest  beachy blue.. and the living room will probably get a nice tan or khaki, since the new furniture is so bold.
BUT for now.. one project at a time...!

Back to blogger land !

I have really been slacking off. After spending two months on the Gulf of Mexico..we got home and the weather at the lake has been so nice I just  goofed off .. Fall cleanup for the yard, did some junking, found some great projects to work on. Good ol' trash to treasure coming up ! Love THAT.. Then Hubby and I decided to re-do our living,  dining and den.. to make it more functional. SO we thru out some ideas..and wow  I have a vision growing. However, we also have decided to replace all our windows. They should be installed in the next two weeks.. so there is a lot I can't start on till they are done. BUT Nice new energy efficient windows..double hung, and flip down so we can wash them from  the inside. NO more ladder for Don to get to the windows..I can have  them clean any time..BUT, while we wait for windows we did some shopping, and bought new furniture.. I was ready for something NOT BEIGE.. NOT leather..and  unique... It will stay in storage till we are ready to do the final stage. It goes in the living room. The den is gettin some revamp, so we can enjoy the room.. it's just not used to  the best of its space.. I have to jump on my projects in between windows.. have paint to get on walls.. and  lots to do.. at least all the holiday decor is up.. so I have time to work on some fun stuff.  Back SOON ! Sorry for being gone so long. I think all the beach air  made me numb !