Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back to blogger land !

I have really been slacking off. After spending two months on the Gulf of Mexico..we got home and the weather at the lake has been so nice I just  goofed off .. Fall cleanup for the yard, did some junking, found some great projects to work on. Good ol' trash to treasure coming up ! Love THAT.. Then Hubby and I decided to re-do our living,  dining and den.. to make it more functional. SO we thru out some ideas..and wow  I have a vision growing. However, we also have decided to replace all our windows. They should be installed in the next two weeks.. so there is a lot I can't start on till they are done. BUT Nice new energy efficient windows..double hung, and flip down so we can wash them from  the inside. NO more ladder for Don to get to the windows..I can have  them clean any time..BUT, while we wait for windows we did some shopping, and bought new furniture.. I was ready for something NOT BEIGE.. NOT leather..and  unique... It will stay in storage till we are ready to do the final stage. It goes in the living room. The den is gettin some revamp, so we can enjoy the room.. it's just not used to  the best of its space.. I have to jump on my projects in between windows.. have paint to get on walls.. and  lots to do.. at least all the holiday decor is up.. so I have time to work on some fun stuff.  Back SOON ! Sorry for being gone so long. I think all the beach air  made me numb !

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