Thursday, December 9, 2010

Great Grandparents chairs

Dons Mom recently passed away... years ago she got two old chairs that originally had came woven seats..but the seats were long gone. She kept one chair and gave us the other. Dons father sanded hers down, we left ours in its old used glory.I got out my paints and did my best to make the wood look aged like ours. Ours is the larger brown and white  covered seat and we have had this chair for probly 5 years ..For Moms chair  I found the white and brown spotted hide. DOn cut us some simple wood seats, so I could pad and cover them. I chose to use fur on cowhide.. I love how rustic they turned out.. they are so little compared to furniture these days. His great grandparents and is grandparents used these for years,They look like they are whittled wood. They have found a sweet little spot in our house and our hearts. A treasured memory.

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  1. They turned out soooo darling too sis! I have some chairs that my grandfather made and stripped bark and woave the seats in them with the bark....if those bottoms ever wear out now I know the remedy to fix them....they are beautiful!