Friday, September 7, 2012

Sterling Silver

I have a small collection of odd pieces of silver.. It started with a  few spoons from an antique store in Colorado.. nothing fancy.. just some old  cheap things..   Last year I decided to display them in the gathering room on the wall with the pretty sea turtle green paint..that looks more like Tiffany Box Blue. Recently they needed some cleaning, so  I decided to add new background to a couple.. I used anaglypta wallpaper scraps..and painted it with some of the blue paint, cleaned up the silver and back on the wall it went.  The silver is hot glued to the it's easy to redo. I took my husbands baby spoon, and got a fancy frame I had planned to use for something else, but that didn't work perfect for his spoon.. I made a copy of his birth certificate, resized it so I could see the "Family History, and other words I wanted to show up.. glued that into the frame, added the freshly shined spoon ..and on the wall it went.  A few months ago  as my sister and I were cleaning out some things in her shed.. there was her silver she had put in a box..and some of it was starting to look pretty ruff out in a humid shed for so long.. she didn't have plans to use it..soo I was tickled to get it..and I took some of the pieces, cleaned them up, and with a box I found at Marshalls,  that  I added the anaglypta and paint to, her silver looks great.. I love how it looks on the wall. yes, I see one day a full wall of silver.. I do have some   silver in my art studio displayed on  a shelf, but I see a new vision the platters from my sisters stuff will be on display soon !! There is something warm and cozy about looking at silver.  

Painting... again !

I just love the Sea Turtle Green paint.. it looks more like  a Tiffany Box Blue.. I first painted the revamped gathering room this color.. then I  loved it so much I painted the Kitchen and back entry..even the door panels. (( HAD the paint..Had to use it , right? )))  So months go by and I still get so happy seeing it..and I had leftover I had to paint the upstairs hallway.. I left the tall walls the "sugar cookie" ..dreading tackling the tall wall up the stairwell. AND  I like the way the colors look together.  A few more months go by, and wild hair hits.. so I decided to paint the master bedrooms Vanity area..since it is separated by a wall with a wide opening.  Hmm do I have enough paint.. maybe not.. so a quick call to my sister... we recently  painted her master bathroom this color..sooo she had extra, I mixed it with my leftover..and yes.. I LOVE It.. I like how the painted  cabinets I did, go so well. really makes them POP..and I  don't think I am a beige person..the butterscotchy-biege color  bored me after  a few years.. AND I do plan to paint the master bedroom area  when we get back from the beach this  fall. I will have to buy more paint..but I love waking up and seeing this color.. and anytime I am in a room with it..I feel calm and relaxed..and HAPPY.  Kind of shocking...since PINK is my SIGNATURE color.. But my  art studio is I am good !

  Hope this color makes you  smile too ! Here are some before and after pictures.. of the upstairs hall and the master vanity area.. and the master bedroom area that will be getting  the "blues" next !