Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunshine & Beach time

A great day on the beach yesterday. Did some reading on the beach and also took a walk on the beach. Tomorrow is shopping day.. it's going to be cloudy..I hear the mall calling me.. Bed, bath and beyond, etc. looks like 70's hit on Tues. yea.... Time to go home soon.. April 1st will be here soon. BUT after 3 months of the beach it will be good to get back to a routine. Good to be at the beach today.. I saw the lake house got 10 inches of snow today.. white sandy beach beats that any day !

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old White table..

I have had this little white table for 35 was originally stained cherry. Then I painted it shabby chic.. well I recently added the blue & pink and antiqued over it. I plan to mosaic the top some rainy day...when & if I get caught up on my list of projects. We only have two more weeks here at the beach..then back home to work on my list. I am soooo looking forward to diggin in and seeing how much I can get done. I am a list maker... I take satisfaction in seeing things marked off a list.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Miss Ugly Makeover

This $6 chair had some great potential... I love the trash to treasure finds !

Last project before heading Back to the Beach

Here are the after pic... I knew she had good bones.. She is now in my art studio. When we get back home from the beach I can start some sewing.. Too many projects, too much running back and forth to the beach this winter. Trying to follow the sun... Not so easy during El Nino !

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Little beach time

With this crazy winter we got in a few beach days. here is the wall we walk past that is filled with the sand gets blown off or washes off with a wave, shells are exposed.. free for the picking ...after a few nice days on the beach it turned off cold so we drove back to the lake to try to find some nice weather was pretty for a couple days and then turned of cool.. GRR.. Where ever we go..the weather hates us this year. Like a friend said .."You are going to wear out a car trying to figure out where u want to be this winter. We will head back to the beach Tues. for our last 2 weeks.. Then we head home April 1.. We are looking forward to spring at the lake...IF it arrives. Once we are home again I just want to dig back into all my projects. So crossing our fingers for two weeks at the beach in SUN !