Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Little beach time

With this crazy winter we got in a few beach days. here is the wall we walk past that is filled with the sand gets blown off or washes off with a wave, shells are exposed.. free for the picking ...after a few nice days on the beach it turned off cold so we drove back to the lake to try to find some nice weather was pretty for a couple days and then turned of cool.. GRR.. Where ever we go..the weather hates us this year. Like a friend said .."You are going to wear out a car trying to figure out where u want to be this winter. We will head back to the beach Tues. for our last 2 weeks.. Then we head home April 1.. We are looking forward to spring at the lake...IF it arrives. Once we are home again I just want to dig back into all my projects. So crossing our fingers for two weeks at the beach in SUN !

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