Saturday, February 27, 2010

Projects for April

When we leave the beach in April I will dive right in when we get home to do some new stuff in the craft room. I never cared for the fabric in there, but it was all I could find last spring, so I made do. Since then, a new vision, and found a new fabric outlet. While we were home last week I went up to Pryor to the Fabri-cut outlet. I couldn't decide on which fabric for my table skirt and curtain valances, so I got both. One for summer and one for winter. My plan is to be able to swap them all out very easily, by using some knobs in an interesting way. YOU will have to wait for that vision too. But by doing both my chairs in there in neutral cream brocade fabric that will make it all the better to swap out for seasons. Here's a peek at my fabrics and those are the pink enamel draw knobs I am going to use, fingers crossed the vision works. We know they don't always. But that's not a problem. Where there's a will, there's a way! Remeber, my walls are pink, with a crisp white paneling on the lower walls. I think it will be easy to pull off using the teal fabric in summer and the french country blue stripe in winter. I have already used those blues in the room with the pink. I can see it ! CAN YOU ?


  1. Yes I can! I know that it will work out beautifully! I can't hardly wait to see the vision come to life.....

  2. Suzie and Don,We have been looking for you guys for 2 years.Tried your GJ phone number and was disconnected and contacted St.Mary's radiology and was told you moved to OK. Could not find your number from information because didn't know what city.Please call us 251-633-8150.Have a lot of news.So glad I found you.Love ya Dave Sansone