Saturday, February 27, 2010


The weather at the beach thru us a curve, and we got stir crazy, so headed to the lake house for a little Detour. We must be part gypsy..cuz we can sit still inside to long with out the need for a road was only 15 hour drive,cranked up the tunes,hit the road. The positive is we got to sleep in our own bed for a week, drop off the shopping I had accumulated, and left the truck there and brought the bug back to the beach.. Today I did my rain dance here at the beach. I went out on the balcony with sunscreen streaked on my face like war-paint and did a SUN Dance, not to be confused with my Rain Dance that always works at the lake. SO let the sun and heat hit us ! While we were home I got this cute table from our neighbor Tuffy.. I heard it call I snapped it up and painted it. I think it will be perfect on the covered porch to my round lounger this summer. Oh to be layin in the heat and humidity reading a book and a fizzy DR. Pepper at my side. SO the beach better get to cooking soon. I know everyone has had a long hard winter..and just our luck to rent the condo for 3 months in winter and have a record cold one! Oh well , we know when we get here for Sept. & Oct. it will be warm, well it always has been! This is our first time as snowbirds here.. we think we may need to go further south next winter.
At least while we were home for a few days this table got re-finished.. and I ran across an old chair for my craft room too. It's refinished too and waiting for me to re-cover the seat, and add some foo-foo flowers to it. BUT you won't see that till April !

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