Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just a few more decorations to start the Season. Keeping it simple so I can get it all put away I put out my Jim Shore collection on the mantel and love eating out of the snowman and woman dishes.. I don't mind hand washing them after every meal... it's only for a few weeks. The make a bowl of homemade chili and a plate of cornbread even tastier !I like how the bowls stack on top of plates and you can still see the face design. I'm ready to make some rolled out sugar cookies and frost and eat ! Ahh the Holidays are here !

Happy Holidays

I wasn't going to decorate this year.. last year we sold our big tree, the stand that spins it around..and we didn't decorate. Took a break. Then Robin over at Candy creek showed me her tall white tree with robins egg blue decorations..IT is so fabulous..check it out ! It made me think, maybe I would do a small tree..so I got a 3 1/2 foot white,pre-lit and went all pink decorations. Some pink pearls, peace, joy, believe, noel in white tin with pink glitter.. the crown sprayed pink and pink glitter too. The white dominoes with pink rhinestones.. they were to hard to play dominoes with..they tipped over..so I added some hangers to them..and added them to the tree. I took a pink feather boa, cut it up and tucked it in the branches. Had some pink and white polka dot ribbon, and the pink and white polka dot satin for the tree skirt I had.. so I threw the tree together on the cheap with so many things I was able to spray pink and add glitter to.. I had got this tray table for $3 last may.. scroll back on past posts and u will see it in black and gold.. I wanted it pink and white for the tree to sit on..but later I plan to paint flowers on it and antique it too. I have an idea for next years tree theme already. Thanks to Deb & Robin motivating me to get in the spirit ! I even decorated extra early, since we had planned to go to Utah for Thanksgiving...but due to my cold we couldn't risk my Mom-in -law getting sick , since she is still in chemo for her cancer..and has no immune system...and we leave here Jan.1 for 3 months at the beach in Florida... time marches on !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Small Shack, Big Happy !

We don't need a lot of space.. we never have wanted formal dining rooms. Just a cozy for when the cousin come for bar b Q's and boating, a spot to have a few friends for dinner, fry up some fresh caught fish ((Thanks Hazel & Chuck - YUMM))) a game of cards or dominoes.. SO Don built a banquet style eating area, some great storage, I covered it with comfy cushion and easy care fabric, sewed pillow cases to cover regular pillows, so I can change the up when the mood hits. So there is a window behind the mural..but we blocked that up when the garage went up, we may re-open the area one day and use decorative film so we don't have to see the garage, but still get light in. We used leftover marble and granite from the floors and counters to tie it all together. The stairwell was suppose to be closed, but we chose to add wood turnings to be able to have an open concept look into the den. I am to blame for the huge t.v. I would have a drive-in theater if I could. Hubby could care less the size.. The next post I will have to show you what the banquet started from.. Bit's and pieces. Tonight was the first fall weather..some rain brought some chill..so we had the first fire in the wood stove of the season !

Happy Shack Hangouts

We don't need a lot of space. Just a small area for casual dining with friends , eat a home made meal, some fresh caught fish, play some cards or dominoes with the neighbors. So no formal areas for us. We spend so much time outside in spring in summer. SO here is our combined living room, dining area. Don built a banquet style seating, with storage under it, and I covered it with easy care fabric, and sewed fun pillow cases to put on regular bed pillows.. easy to toss in the wash and can resew new ones when the urge strikes. We used leftover marble and granite from the floors and counters to make the table and wood stove backing. Wait till u see how that table came about. There is a large window behind the mural on the wall.. but we covered it up, because we put that large garage on that side of the house, and chose not to see it..but later we may reopen that window and just use a decorative film so we can get some light coming thru. But for now we like the look. The stairwell was originally suppose to be all closed in, and we chose to use wood turnings to be achieve a more open look into the den. The overly huge t.v is my fault.. If I could have a drive- in theater in my house I would... hubby could take the big screen or leave it ... anyway.. here's where we hang and life is casual and fun at the HAPPY SHACK !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back from the beach

Oh two months on the beach was heavenly ! It is always good to get home.. we will be home for 8 weeks..well maybe.. we will probably go to Utah / Colorado to see friends and relatives for Turkey time.. then back to the lake for a bit..and then back to the beach for all of JAN/Feb/March. We want to see what its like in Jan/Feb.. we usually go in March and camp for two weeks..but this time will stay in the condo again. It's an experiment to see how we like being snowbirds! But look at the cute mermaid we made from sand...what a hoot. I'm going to spend my time at home on some fun projects. Repainting my bedroom furniture in the french country and cream..like the mosaic dresser I did.. I bought the paint today.. (No , I am not unpacked yet)... almost.. had to go buy food today. Fridge was empty ! Will have to dig out some fall clothes to get us thru till we repack for the beach. The next 8 weeks are gonna fly by. Check back soon.. I want to blog some more interior house pictures ! Enjoy fall..it's beautiful here at the lake..and we get to go play in the snow for Turkey time.. then leave that cold stuff behind!