Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Freebies !

There was a lake house around the corner cleaning their garage.. A new friend hurried  over to tell me about these FREE goodies laying by the road. Oh now Cathy is  dear one to notice  in a short time that I love trash to treasure. I have wanted one of these for the lake house..but new they run $40 or so. these are 2 ft. across.. well they had been stored some where wet..there was wet dirty, mildew gunk on them. But I tossed them on the golf cart and knew if they didn't clean up I wasn't out any thing..and to get 6..well surely one will be decent cleaned up.. too grungy to tell, and it was pouring rain. Few days later I got some bleachy water..a green scrubby..soaked one for 15 minutes.. and ta daaaaa the gunk  came off so easy..I used the neighbors little  plastic pool his dog uses..now thats clean too! In a snap they were all clean. I got out my paints and went to it.. I can't wait till Don gets home to  help me attach them to the house and garage. I just love a great find..and a NEW friend for finding them..Thanks Cathy.. hope we meet again! Stop by for iced coffee anytime !

SuzSeas Spa

I needed a sign to  hang with the mermaid outfit. SO an old window.yesssss I finally used them ALL up in projects. No more garage clutter of them. I slapped some aqua paint on the  glass.. thought of some Spa treatments a mermaid might indulge in..and added a bit of  decoupage and shells.  I like it ! The  Free Emerald coast oil treatment was a jab at BP for messing up the ocean with their  nasty spill.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mermaid Wall

I wanted to sew a mermaid suit. I hung it over a really old oar, and  hung it  on the stairwell. I made my own pattern and then added lots of  shells,pearls,  some bling, and the scales on the front of the  mermaid skirt I cut out one at a time, and sewed on one at a time..all 189 of them. I used some  crinkly sheer fabric and gathered it tight to sew for the fin.I  had a "coconut" bra  that I had  for years, it was a gag gift..so I covered it in fabric and shells and bling. I want it to look like some mermaid  did her  "wash" and hung it out to dry. I do have some other art things I want to  hang up there with a mermaid theme.