Friday, April 30, 2010

Life IS a bed of Roses !

Yes.. a  my bed is roses.. and precious in pink. I found this old head board/ foot board for $26  years ago.. It was rusty as heck...but some paint and some beautiful roses.. Sis Robin sent me a gift card to purchase these last year  when I lost my dear Mother. SO now that they have taken hold and grown, I get to enjoy them and think of Sis Robin and my Mother..who so loved roses. And the dogwood and Red bud trees we planted in her memory from a gift card sent from my Big Brother friends at the same time did so well and bloomed recently.. Thanks to you all for all your kindness during a hard time for me last year. Time does heal all wounds. BUT  you all have a special memory in my heart forever.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Beach winter ends, home for spring !

After spending Jan-March at the beach in Florida, we arrived home..and within 10 minutes of stepping thru our door we had news we needed to get to Utah to be with Dons Mom who was in the hospital.. Thankfully she was able to go back home within a week, and she's continuing her chemo. She is one tuff cookie, bless her heart. We got snowed on while we were there for 2 weeks..and just got home this past Sunday.. things sure got green and started to bloom while we were gone. I missed some of the bulbs blooming in my rose bed, but the roses are setting on buds. The neighbors wisteria is in bloom, OHHH so awesome..thought I needed one, until I saw the HUGE bees it attracts..I will admire it from a distance. The redbuds and dogwoods are blooming now too. Sure is looking pretty here. Hope it's looking like spring where you are !