Thursday, March 23, 2017

Living room updates

I am still trying to  catch up on my postings. There have been a few changes. New couch, new t.v with a cabinet below it that has an electric fireplace..nice and cozy on winter days. I repainted the end tables and the legs on the cow ottoman, also the tiny old kitchen table chairs that were Dons grandparents, we had put the cowhide on them, but I wanted the pop of turquoise, The Juke box

 we have had for 19 years, a gift to ourselves for our 25th anniversary, the little corner with lake signs,etc. The speaker from a drive-in theater, we had our first date at one...We enjoy going to the beach, so we have some beachy-lake decor. We put our Hallmark pedal car collection back on the wall.The full size pedal car is from 1957, and it is filled with our beads from Mardi Gras a few years ago. The mantel with shells we have collected over the many beach trips..Come on in and have a seat and relax for a bit !

Friday, March 10, 2017

DIning Nook updates

When I got so behind in my blog... many changes were made in the dining area...Its so casual..but now it is even more bright and cheery... We removed the built in bench seating, I don't even miss the storage under it.and we bought a bench instead... I really love the canvas above it.. a beach birdseye view of the beach..and the LAKEHOUSE words..they were mustard it was painted PINK.  Added some PINK paint with a pearl glaze to the table legs and edge to make them shimmer..I think the table pops.. The new flamingo plates I picked up in florida this winter.. The BIG ceramic flamingo I found last spring at Kmart of all places.. I love the vintage look of it. I got it for the deck..but couldn't put it out there.. I enjoy seeing it inside. There are several new items on the wall with the   teal clock and mirror, and sayings.. The came from the condo we had bought and redecorated in south Florida and then sold due to my some things I brought back home..The two tan  suede chairs are a favorite spot of ours. we sit there and check out the lake.. look for the white pelicans out on the lake in the winter, and dream of days when the grass will be green again. We also bought two metal palm trees for the  deck.. You can see them from the bay windows...  I still love my pink chair, and the large  spoon and fork on the wall I painted to bring more pink in..I like decorating with the  metal brackets, sitting them in the window sill, or mixed in with the pigs on the white cabinet.. I did add a pearl glaze to that  little cabinet and painted the inside HOT PINK.
The  little tray that says LOVE is made of tons of bugle beads, encased in glass. The fence behind the pink chair is for a really BIG SURPRISE  I am doing outside soon.. the fencing behind the pink trike stays there all the time.. OH the pink trike.. I have a pedal car collection, and when I saw the reproduction I had to have it. I wanted a Tiffany Blue color.. this is Bermuda Bay, the color was a tad darker than I put a glaze of white metalic pearl paint all over the walls...and it came out the perfect color. I love how the pink goes with it..
My love for flamingos has just taken on a life of it's own....well they are PINK of course..and I only had the pillows..then my sweet cousin bought me the flamingo made out of car tags painted pink that is on the wall over the table.Sweet Norma up the street got me the cute metal sign in the window.. And Brooke, she brought the little car dash  hula flamingo from Hawaii , and one day it will go in my car..They show me the love in so many ways !. So come on in, sit and check out the lake.. Leave your sunglasses on..It is BRIGHT in here !