Monday, July 25, 2011

Antique spoon carved bed

My neighbor just gave me an antique spoon carved  headboard and foot board with side rails from the 1800's. I am so thrilled. We had gotten rid of a queen size bed and wanted a double to fit in the space we had . I think double..perfect.. we usually have one  guest at a time.. rarely more.. so if its a couple.. this bed will be COZY.  I ordered a new  10" memory foam mattress for it. reviews for that mattress sound divine ! Tomorrow I start sanding and  getting  it ready to paint.. YES.. u know me. I MUST paint.. I am not a stained wood kind of  gal.   I want this done and the room all ready by Aug. 16th when  dear Robin comes to visit from TN.  Last  year her visit here was so wonderful.. this time..many more memories.. Hope she gets great sleep at night to have energy for daytime fun.. Check back soon,,, !