Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wishin Fish Chair

Oh this is a HAPPY day at the HAPPY SHACK. When we were in Florida last fall I saw this great Adirondack style chair cut to look like a fish..in bright pink and green..Priced..well too much $$$  sooo I searched online and found a pattern from  www.thewinfieldcollection.com. We adapted the pattern and used cement board for the head and fin.So after Dons hard work of cutting the wood and sanding it for me in a hot garage on a 104 degree day.. I then got to paint it PINK..and start mosaic on primed cement board.I worked on this upstairs in my art studio, and asked my hubby if it would fit down the stairs after he assembled it.. OH  Sure he said... well yes it fit down the stairs..BUT not out of the door  of my studio. SO he had to remove both arms..and I had to refill the screw holes and re paint them..but DONE..  So here are some pix of the one we saw in FLA.  and the stages this chair took.. The grout is curing then I can seal the grout and put this beauty outside. It is called the Wishin Fish Chair because when I saw the ones in Fla.  I wished I had one..but price and the fact it would not fit in our convertible V.W to get it home..now my wish for a fish chair came true.. come on over and sit in it and make your  WISH !