Saturday, February 27, 2010

Projects for April

When we leave the beach in April I will dive right in when we get home to do some new stuff in the craft room. I never cared for the fabric in there, but it was all I could find last spring, so I made do. Since then, a new vision, and found a new fabric outlet. While we were home last week I went up to Pryor to the Fabri-cut outlet. I couldn't decide on which fabric for my table skirt and curtain valances, so I got both. One for summer and one for winter. My plan is to be able to swap them all out very easily, by using some knobs in an interesting way. YOU will have to wait for that vision too. But by doing both my chairs in there in neutral cream brocade fabric that will make it all the better to swap out for seasons. Here's a peek at my fabrics and those are the pink enamel draw knobs I am going to use, fingers crossed the vision works. We know they don't always. But that's not a problem. Where there's a will, there's a way! Remeber, my walls are pink, with a crisp white paneling on the lower walls. I think it will be easy to pull off using the teal fabric in summer and the french country blue stripe in winter. I have already used those blues in the room with the pink. I can see it ! CAN YOU ?


The weather at the beach thru us a curve, and we got stir crazy, so headed to the lake house for a little Detour. We must be part gypsy..cuz we can sit still inside to long with out the need for a road was only 15 hour drive,cranked up the tunes,hit the road. The positive is we got to sleep in our own bed for a week, drop off the shopping I had accumulated, and left the truck there and brought the bug back to the beach.. Today I did my rain dance here at the beach. I went out on the balcony with sunscreen streaked on my face like war-paint and did a SUN Dance, not to be confused with my Rain Dance that always works at the lake. SO let the sun and heat hit us ! While we were home I got this cute table from our neighbor Tuffy.. I heard it call I snapped it up and painted it. I think it will be perfect on the covered porch to my round lounger this summer. Oh to be layin in the heat and humidity reading a book and a fizzy DR. Pepper at my side. SO the beach better get to cooking soon. I know everyone has had a long hard winter..and just our luck to rent the condo for 3 months in winter and have a record cold one! Oh well , we know when we get here for Sept. & Oct. it will be warm, well it always has been! This is our first time as snowbirds here.. we think we may need to go further south next winter.
At least while we were home for a few days this table got re-finished.. and I ran across an old chair for my craft room too. It's refinished too and waiting for me to re-cover the seat, and add some foo-foo flowers to it. BUT you won't see that till April !

Mardi Gras On the Beach

We enjoyed Navarre Beach's' MArdi Gras parade.. it was pretty good for such a small little island. I assumed only New Orleans and Mobile celebrated Mardi Gras..But there have been Mardi Gras Balls and Parades for weeks all around here. We caught over 115 strings of beads.. 9 moon pies, YES they throw moon pies.. and we caught a t-shirt that was shot out of a cannon to the crowd, some dubloons,toys & cups ( also called dishes... due to the fact theres a lot of drinking, and they only need a cup for a dish!) Very fun..and that day the weather was sunny and no wind.. We rode our bikes up to the parade route. . YEA it was fun ! Miles, our monkey that goes where we go.. enjoyed all the LOOT !

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chic Chick

While I'm waiting for weather to improve here at the NOT so sunny beach in Fla. I decided I would blog. I made this French Country chicken, and added lots of Fu-fu to dress her up. I used organza around the neck and feet to simulate feathers, like the shine it has...pearls and a cut up batten burg napkin for an apron. The feet are sculpted from muslin and the entire thing is painted & spattered. I named her Josie' , after my sweet friend at the lake. Hope she lays a golden egg while I'm at the beach ! P. S.I hate winter !