Monday, June 24, 2013

garden signs

I made a couple garden signs. One was for Bernie in Colorado, and the other was for my Sister here at the lake.. Brenda is called Bee or Beezer, so I did some little  bumble bees to hers. May DAy surprises this spring.. so finally putting them on my blog. I guess I should do one for me sometime.. Bernie's is painted on a piece of wood fence, and I painted on the back and front so if it is seen thru the wire garden fence, we would see some color..and not plain wood. For Brenda's I had an old hand saw, and used ribbon and tulle to hang it . They were both tickled "pink" at their surprise !

Pink Bike

Finally the rusty old bike is painted pale pink..and polka dotted.. Robin over at Candy Creek has been telling me for years to paint that old thing.  I wish my paint was more pink, but  I may run across a brighter pink in spray paint. This color is called ballet slipper, and it is not my favorite pink..and I am normally one that loves any color pink.  But for now it beats that rust that covered it before ! I got this bike at a junk store for $36 when we were building the lake house, hauled it to Colorado were we were living and used it there till we moved. So Robin , when you get here in July.. you will be happy to see it NOT rusty !  Oh we are going to have some new adventures in junkin' !

Friday, June 21, 2013

Magnolia blossoms for Mom

Many years ago we planted a 3 foot tall magnolia tree in my Moms yard.. And now it is so tall, Mom has been gone for 3 years now... and when I went by her old place I saw the tree in full bloom. I sure wish that tree was in my yard now. I am sure the blooms are extra sweet because of you Mom !

OH MY.. time flies !

I am just ashamed at myself at how much time has past since I last posted on my blog.. I either need to commit to this blog, or NOT  keep it. I have spent too much time on Facebook, and Pinterest. and that Pinterest  gives me more ideas of things to make so it is a vicious cycle. I am going to do my best to work on this blog more.. I have several new projects I have done.. so I better get them posted..ASAP..  So thank you for your patience..and I hope you all stop by and see what I have been up too. !