Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Antique bed is redone !!

So I jumped in to get this  bed done before Robin comes..I am happy happy how it turned out, and happy to have a bed back in the room again. I lightly sanded it, primed it with one coat of Killz, then used colonial cream, two coats, then two coats of freshwater blue.. next i lightly sanded some edges  and flat areas for a "worn" look.. I mixed  faux glaze  medium, with acrylic craft paint color Asphaltum, 50/50.. and a  little water.. I then brushed the mixture on , working  quickly, and wiped off the excess.. the more u take off the less antique it looks.. You can always add some more glaze to make it darker..I then use the same antique mixture and a toothbrush dipped in it..and run the bristles across my  finger to make it spatter onto the wood.. Always wear gloves for antique and spatter.. Once the spatter and antique is set up, you can add a clear coat of polycrylic . I normally brush it on..but it does come in spray cans.   I had the  chair in another room,  I  kinda get too many chairs.. I just like painting them too much.. then I  had the little  table in another room.. sometimes things need to be moved around a few times until they find "their spot". Soon robin will be here.. all new bedding, a mattress in a box  from walmart,.. it actually has coils in it, was pretty comfy, but we added another comfort memory foam 2 " pad on top.. JUST for extra "ahhh" factor.. Robin and I like a cushy  bed.
   Another project marked off my list.  We leave for the  beach for 2 months  this  fall..One of  our most favorite places to relax.