Saturday, December 16, 2017

Colorful stairway display.

I saw a display on Facebook where a lady hangs her vintage Christmas ornaments above her kitchen sink during the Holidays...It was glorious. I couldn't stop thinking about I went on a shopping spree one day to find as many pretties as I could to hang in our open stairwell..TJMaxx, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and some  found online. I am totally happy with the results. Now we can collect new pretty colored balls and shapes to hang in the space. I love the colors.. There is actually a pink  martini glass hanging upside down, and a tiny little green bottle. A glass pig with glittery wings is mixed in. Two of the ornaments are pink and white candy and two are balloons. One is a very heavy Isaac Mizrahi mercury glass.

Happy Holidays

I found these cute tea towels and  platter at TJMAX...and they were too cute to pass up for the Holidays.

Christmas mantel 2017

I have some vintage ornaments  that were in my family she divided them up for us three kids to each have some.  And this year I found a vintage pink ball with a gold glitter crown on it..My first year to look for any..I may have to  gather some for a wreath for next year. I also bought some of the vintage looking tree toppers stands to accent both ends of the garland. I have these Jim Shore ornaments that I display  on the mantle too. 

I also put some  things out on a  sofa table . My husband owned a v.w 1957 beetle in high school, and we also owned a 2003 and 2013 V.w beetle we have collected a few ornaments of them.  I also took a bowl, added some fake snow and a little  Nash metropolitan and a snowman..

Holidays 2017 Pink Flamingo tree

This is the 3rd tree I did this season.. It is similar to the one last year.  A few changes..It is in our flamingo themed dining area. 

It has some hot
t pink flamingos..and some pastel ones, also pink boa feathers tucked  in the branches..and some tiny tiny flamingos. I also have a  wooden flamingo head hanging on the wall with more boa feathers and pearls, and a tall vintage looking ceramic flamingo with some  pink wings and more boa feathers..My dining table has the pink flamingo  plates, and some napkin rings using more flamingos like the tree has.  I really enjoy our pink flamingo dining area, it makes me happy  it is so bright and delicious. The room has a beach feel, as does most of our house.. I used a woody surf wagon and tied a tree on top. ANd the leg lamp was an ugly reproduction that I turned into a pink feathery, glittery girly lamp ! Notice the pretty flamingo print on the wall near the tree.. The flamingo head on the wall will go to my craft room that I am redoing this week.YES. Pink flamingos.

Holidays 2017 Inside Trees

I wanted to do a candyland theme tree this year.. and  used my old peddle car for the holder.. I had so much fun making the fake cotton candy, and  large lollipops by painting and adding glitter to styrofoam rounds. I added long  pieces of 1/4 inch towels with hot glue so I could have the candy stuck out at different angles..I used tootsie roll pops, covered with pastel fabric, and wrapped with clear paper. I took foam  hair rollers I got at the dollar tree, and then removed the plastic part, then I wrapped with pastel fabric and clear paper too.. I bought some fun suckers at walmart in the bridal party area.  I took styrofoam balls about 1" and added paint and some glitter..then wrapped them with clear paper and twisted the ends. I made fake cotton candy with quilt batting that was sprayed pink and fluffed up and wrapped around paper  cones. I  bought a bunch of candy necklaces..they were so small..more like bracelets, so I restrung them on long pieces of string for garlands. I added some sparkly  picks here and there and fake cupcakes and ice cream for the topper. I wanted it to be like Candyland with a  funky Dr. Suess touch. It makes me so happy !! I added some more cotton quilt batting spray painted lightly with pink paint, and tucked it around the  base of the tree.

Holidays 2017 Lil' Pink

Lil' Pinks first Christmas... SO added some lights outside in pink solar, and also on my old bike, and the back door porch to the Happy Shack.. I thought I was going to do a beachy theme for Lil' Pink.and a white tree..but I got sucked in by a shiny Pink was for Lil' Pink after all..However, the color was more purple than pink..and my ornaments didn't show up that great.. I made some, painted  beads to look like cork floats, and some square blocks to look like the  Signal flag  alphabet..and some drift wood I found at the beach turned in to little sail boats with lace sails..also took some red and white plastic fishing bobbers and painted them in pastels.

 Since Lil' Pink is a greenhouse, we decided to add shrink wrap on the windows to keep it warmer, and then, hung a quilt on the back window wall to block more far it is working.. The cute Christmas pillows were gifts from my sister-n-law and the neighbors that are too sweet..Bought  two TALL pink is eating and the standing tall girl is 51 inches tall.. LOVE them..they look nice with my smaller regular size flamingos.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

1/2 bath redo

 We have a little 1/2 bath just beside the laundry area... It has been decorated  in a light house theme since we built the house in early 2000.. I had used wide wallpaper  borders at the base and a lighthouse mural at the center of one wall.. I was over it.. time for change..I had put some stencils on the wall using  sheetrock mud for a 3 D palm tree effect, and added stencil paint to give the palms color. So I sprayed the trees with a little water, let it set for 5 min. and scraped off the mudded stencil designs.. I peeled off the paper, retextured the walls and ceilings. Then prime and paint.. Ceiling is Bermuda Bay with a pearl white metalic glaze.  The walls are Ibis white, with white pearl  metalic paint rolled over the ibis, two coats. The trim and crown molding was white, so I added metalic pearl white on top of it to make it shimmer. Love it. I went with  a mermaid them to make the sink I had painted  years back to POP..I also painted the vanity in Diva Pink, with some Eraser Pink.. I made it into chalk paint. but still had to prime the cabinet base and  shelves due to the melamine that it was made from.. so the paint would stick. I then brush white metalic pearl paint over the pink.. I did it to the mirror, shelves and vanity base. Added some fress pint to some of the decor, like the wood tone  ships wheel, and the 1/2 ship that sets on the mirror ledge. I brought in my mermaid theme..the mermaid clothes hanging on an oar to "dry" I had made   in 2010 and it was hanging in the upstairs hall. along with the Suz Seas Spa, and the  Weeki Wachee Mermaid Poster I had put on an old window with decoupage and paint.I love getting to go to Weeki Wachee to see the mermaid show.  I found the cute  mermaid knobs at Hobby Lobby and put them on the vanity doors. The two watercolor  mermaid prints were made from our lake neighbor when she was  5 and 9...she is now 18. She was on THE VOICE in 2015, Madi Davis.. she is a doll.. She also just scored the music and sang the title track for a movie that was just released  at Cannes Film Festival, called "Enter the Fire, with Lou Ferrigno. She is amazing.
I also put glitter on the  light globe covers.