Thursday, December 5, 2013

Boyfriend Jeans

 I  saw some jeans over at crushpartyblog spot  a few years back...go see them on her blog.

Fell in love.. and tried to come up with my own pair..using her ideas.. Oh her jeans are the MOST fab pair.. SO after  grabbing her ideas ..I bought a new pair of mens jeans.. a tad bigger than me... since the idea of boyfriend jeans is to  steal them from your at the rate I am going I am going to need a bigger boyfriend.. Yikes.. so took the jeans and washed them many times in some bleachy water,,then cut me some holes and let them fray out, used sandpaper to wear them some more.. I had to get me some holes to patch and fast... then picked out some fabrics I loved.. some even had words printed on i used it too. I used  iron on fusing to put on the fabric and jeans.. lots of  fun colors of embroidery floss, some left over fabric from my wedding dress I cut up years ago to make stuff with.. hey.. I was never going to wear that reuse it.  and I get to see bits of it at a time..I have made several projects from it..and it's not all hidden in a box. Plus it was a hand made by my Mom, in the 70"s for very little money.. so even better.. soo memories I can see all the time.     Anyway I used the lace on the back pocked and the two little flowers are made of the bodice lining, singed over a candle to shrink it up.. fun stuff.. hot care full making those flowers..added our  initials and year we  married... Some seed pearls, some silk ribbon floss.. some patches.. The heart patch  with the  grommet hole was a hang tag off a top I bought. There is a Tiffany & Co. patch I love.. it came from a friend that worked in New York Tiffanys. I can add new patches as I wear  hole in these.. So grab u some old jeans.. hmm maybe at the used  clothing rack ?? and get you some comfy fun boyfriend jeans of your own ! So here are some pix..

Craft studio refreshed !

I had to repaint the craft studio.. I didn't realize how long it has been since I painted it pink.. But many nail holes later..and no touch up paint to match.. So just gave it a whole fresh coat of pink. Then decided to paint the hutch in pink and white. It was a little on the Pepto pink on he hutch color, since it was the next color darker than the wall color.. I tamed it down by dry brushing white over the pink areas. I decided to get rid of the table skirt and let the file drawers show..and added black and white damask style wrapping paper, i did it the easy way and just double stick taped the paper on.. I tried decoupage, it was just a wrinkly sticky mess.. I did decoupage my sewing machine case, and the trash can.  I double stick taped the  damask paper to the back of the hutch also, since it is bead board backed , I  knew one day would come and I would want to change it up again. I also used some of the damask paper to cover a shoe box, and I was able to hide my electric outlet plus in it. I tried setting up a "candy station" that seems to be the rage..where u use pretty containers to display your supplies.. I don't like how it looks.. I do mosaics, but not every it seemed odd to have the glass bits on display, and  just tend to put my supplies away, that's why I have the pretty mosaic and painted dresser and my closet.. SO I will redo the contents of the hutch at some point. I think I will display my old silver tea sets, and silver ware, etc. and maybe some of the milk glass will stay.  I hung up some  white lights over the window so  it will be all lit up on the gloomy winter days when we don't have a peep of sun, and the grey goes forever.. I think the lights will be a cheerful thing.  I also repainted the work table top, while it was wet I sprinkled  prism glitter all over it..LOVE that.There is a photo of me on the wall, I am sitting on my dads Buick.. I will always love cars ! There is also a pix of  my dress form, with the green dress.. I put lights on it so i could plug it in and the skirt part lights up.. I think I need brighter lights than the rope lights.
Dear Robin from CandyCreekblogspot was here this summer and brought me some great Breakfast at Tiffanys note pads, etc. She's a doll !
 I got 3 mosaic's almost finished this week, and cleaned up in the room, so I can sew a few things..trying some clothing revamps, adding some lace on some things. Tomorrow I paint the living room.. THAT is calling to me.. I want the fresh coat of paint in the  Tiffany box blue in that room..yes, that color is taking over the house. I love  love it..and it makes me feel happy and calm, all at the same time.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kitchen Re-model

 After returning from a month of glorious beach days in Florida, I knew it was time to re do the kitchen. When we built the house, we put in square granite tiles our self, due to  not knowing a place to get solid surface granite..promising one day, after we moved here permanently we would replace it. BUT why OH why did I insist on Galaxy black granite and black sink.. Sooo hard to keep clean, and finally I decided it had to go.. because I could no longer stand to be in the kitchen.. We had not even got unpacked, before I was all about checking into the granite place we heard about 20 miles away.. A quick stop to see the place and I was sold..The next day they came to measure and we went back out to pick out the slab we wanted.. We chose to take out the old our self..we put it in..we could take it out.. BUT what a job/mess that turned out to be. Taking the 6" back splash off... the sheet rock came off in huge hunks,and it was NOT pretty.. Don had to cut out the old sheet rock and replace with new..then I had to re-texture, prime and paint. Also we  were removing a glass top cook top range, to install a double oven below the counter, and a built-n cook top. Many unexpected things happened.. We needed a base cabinet to install the double ovens, and of course the brand we had were no longer being made.. and had NO time to get one custom made..Off to Lowes/ Home depot to see what we could find.  lucked into a suitable base. We also had NOT put the marble floor tile under our appliances when we built the house, so that caused issues trying to get dishwasher out when we  had to replace it due to this time  I insisted that we fix that issue. SO more time was spent on that..and then we had to remove all the lower cabinets and raise them UP to  height to get appliances out later. ....and level it all. After many trips to town and  odd ball stops and starts, it was GRANITE day. and they were so amazing, and it turned out great...EVEN tho we had to use plastic to close of doors into the kitchen to keep the granite dust at bay, it turned out superb..After the installers left we had to install the double ovens. Of course the cabinet opening was 1/4 shy of fitting the ovens.. Don came to the rescue and got that fixed.. we maneuvered the ovens in place, and time to hook up the new  sink, and the faucet leaked.. after I spent  an hour shining the faucet to look like new.. Off to town for a new  faucet.. OH NO.. another decision. shiny silver,  brushed nickel?? Oh wait..there is a third choice, burnished bronze..  after an our looking at the new style faucets that seem HUGE, we went with burnished bronze.. Back home, installed, and DONE>. ready to learn the new induction cook top ( yes,  we did have to spend $300 on all new magnetic cook ware. I was intimidated, but ready. I had always had gas before moving here, and never  got used to the smooth top glass.. I always boiled stuff over, due to the burners staying hot so long, no quick control. I was always lifting a pot off a burner and holding it in the air, till the burner cooled some. Hear me scream....ahhhhhh!!! Well its been a week, and I love love the induction, and hope to always have it. The new double ovens, with the smaller oven on top, is perfect for the two of us. The kitchen is so much lighter and brighter.. HAPPY it's done, even, with so many problems that popped up... we kept saying.."what will happen next"?   Finally it's all done for now.. we didn't replace all the appliances, phasing out the bisque color, for all black eventually. But for now, it feels good to be able to cook with out holding a pot in the air off a TOO hot burner, and I am ready to bake thru the Holidays.  So here are a few before pictures and after. ! If   you have ever considered induction cooking.. I say YES YES YES !

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A punch of PINK for the MAster bedroom !

 I have seen  so many hot pink and fuchsia painted pieces of furniture on  Pinterest this spring, it got me wanting some.. I ran across an old mirror(free) that I decided was the starting piece BUT first I had to repaint my master bedroom the Tiffany box blue, like I did the vanity area last spring.. I was OVER the caramel glaze, the more  I saw this blue in the  vanity area. I knew I wanted  MORE..and yes.. there  has been a More More more  going on of that color.. I did the upstairs hallway and some in the kitchen and laundry. It is crazy how much I LOVE this color.. I always find my happy place....and this color started out in our eating area/ gathering room as I call it.. here we go..I just added a  chunky  resin  piece to the center of the mirror to give it some  life.then i tried my hand at some homemade chalk paint in the fuchsia pink..I love the mirro, but really have plans to make it taller, I dont want to hang it on the wall, I like a mirror just leaning against the wall, so I am looking for some  legs to get it the height I want, or will have Don build me some...But I LOVED seeing this color in vanity with the blue..SO off to buy yet another gallon of the blue.. and got to work... THEN  it looked good with the  bedding I had..but still wanted some more  fuchsia i the room..  Something  fun for summer.. Found the  comforter and sheet set on like.then  wanted some blue sheets to mix and match..these were the perfect color from Target. We  have put some  posts under our bed to raise it up higher so I can see the lake with out lifting my head off the pillow....well that means I have to add an additional bed skirt to cover the gap below the other bed skirt...SO  I bought a  white sheet and made me one.. I just velcro it to the bed frame, so I can remove it for cleaning..LOVE velcro. BUT mostly LOVE  my taller bed view.It may be a tad tall for some, having such tall mattresses these days.. The white throw pillow is the softest thing.. Its made from  Himalayan  sheep, sheered at the perfect time..and NO , it doesn't smell like a sheep tee hee
 ... so soft.  And  for fall or whenever I am in the mood I can switchback to the other bedding.  I did just buy some sheets to make a comforter cover for my down comforter so I can  add it in with the bedding if I choose to mix it up some more.. Because I am thinking I will love all these colors together in the dead of  winter...when it is so grey and blah out..Plus we are gone a for 5 weeks now, enjoying some beach time.. and will be gone for the month ins Jan, to enjoy some beach time. it will be nice to come home to some happy colors, we won't miss the beach so much,, I say..Do NOT be afraid of change, or color... My husband is always on board with the projects...he loves the beach colors we see when we are traveling..and loves living with them at home.. I am one lucky gal !  I will be redoing this post once I am home from the beach and redo the mirror,and a few other things..more pix for sure on this ongoing project. I also love the  concrete bust and I placed some resin wings behind her, and of course she needed to wear the antique tiara I found on ebay, the Channel perfume bottle and Tiffany box, makes her so chic.. I love the look of the art behind her, but my favorite is the lighted birdcage Don installed on corbels, there is another one on the other side of the room, and they are on dimmers..great mood lighting, and safer than candles !