Thursday, September 12, 2013

A punch of PINK for the MAster bedroom !

 I have seen  so many hot pink and fuchsia painted pieces of furniture on  Pinterest this spring, it got me wanting some.. I ran across an old mirror(free) that I decided was the starting piece BUT first I had to repaint my master bedroom the Tiffany box blue, like I did the vanity area last spring.. I was OVER the caramel glaze, the more  I saw this blue in the  vanity area. I knew I wanted  MORE..and yes.. there  has been a More More more  going on of that color.. I did the upstairs hallway and some in the kitchen and laundry. It is crazy how much I LOVE this color.. I always find my happy place....and this color started out in our eating area/ gathering room as I call it.. here we go..I just added a  chunky  resin  piece to the center of the mirror to give it some  life.then i tried my hand at some homemade chalk paint in the fuchsia pink..I love the mirro, but really have plans to make it taller, I dont want to hang it on the wall, I like a mirror just leaning against the wall, so I am looking for some  legs to get it the height I want, or will have Don build me some...But I LOVED seeing this color in vanity with the blue..SO off to buy yet another gallon of the blue.. and got to work... THEN  it looked good with the  bedding I had..but still wanted some more  fuchsia i the room..  Something  fun for summer.. Found the  comforter and sheet set on like.then  wanted some blue sheets to mix and match..these were the perfect color from Target. We  have put some  posts under our bed to raise it up higher so I can see the lake with out lifting my head off the pillow....well that means I have to add an additional bed skirt to cover the gap below the other bed skirt...SO  I bought a  white sheet and made me one.. I just velcro it to the bed frame, so I can remove it for cleaning..LOVE velcro. BUT mostly LOVE  my taller bed view.It may be a tad tall for some, having such tall mattresses these days.. The white throw pillow is the softest thing.. Its made from  Himalayan  sheep, sheered at the perfect time..and NO , it doesn't smell like a sheep tee hee
 ... so soft.  And  for fall or whenever I am in the mood I can switchback to the other bedding.  I did just buy some sheets to make a comforter cover for my down comforter so I can  add it in with the bedding if I choose to mix it up some more.. Because I am thinking I will love all these colors together in the dead of  winter...when it is so grey and blah out..Plus we are gone a for 5 weeks now, enjoying some beach time.. and will be gone for the month ins Jan, to enjoy some beach time. it will be nice to come home to some happy colors, we won't miss the beach so much,, I say..Do NOT be afraid of change, or color... My husband is always on board with the projects...he loves the beach colors we see when we are traveling..and loves living with them at home.. I am one lucky gal !  I will be redoing this post once I am home from the beach and redo the mirror,and a few other things..more pix for sure on this ongoing project. I also love the  concrete bust and I placed some resin wings behind her, and of course she needed to wear the antique tiara I found on ebay, the Channel perfume bottle and Tiffany box, makes her so chic.. I love the look of the art behind her, but my favorite is the lighted birdcage Don installed on corbels, there is another one on the other side of the room, and they are on dimmers..great mood lighting, and safer than candles !

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  1. I have been meaning to comment on this sis. I absolutely love it! That pop of pink is so much FUN! Love it! Sweet dreams! zzzzzzz