Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kitchen Re-model

 After returning from a month of glorious beach days in Florida, I knew it was time to re do the kitchen. When we built the house, we put in square granite tiles our self, due to  not knowing a place to get solid surface granite..promising one day, after we moved here permanently we would replace it. BUT why OH why did I insist on Galaxy black granite and black sink.. Sooo hard to keep clean, and finally I decided it had to go.. because I could no longer stand to be in the kitchen.. We had not even got unpacked, before I was all about checking into the granite place we heard about 20 miles away.. A quick stop to see the place and I was sold..The next day they came to measure and we went back out to pick out the slab we wanted.. We chose to take out the old our self..we put it in..we could take it out.. BUT what a job/mess that turned out to be. Taking the 6" back splash off... the sheet rock came off in huge hunks,and it was NOT pretty.. Don had to cut out the old sheet rock and replace with new..then I had to re-texture, prime and paint. Also we  were removing a glass top cook top range, to install a double oven below the counter, and a built-n cook top. Many unexpected things happened.. We needed a base cabinet to install the double ovens, and of course the brand we had were no longer being made.. and had NO time to get one custom made..Off to Lowes/ Home depot to see what we could find.  lucked into a suitable base. We also had NOT put the marble floor tile under our appliances when we built the house, so that caused issues trying to get dishwasher out when we  had to replace it due to this time  I insisted that we fix that issue. SO more time was spent on that..and then we had to remove all the lower cabinets and raise them UP to  height to get appliances out later. ....and level it all. After many trips to town and  odd ball stops and starts, it was GRANITE day. and they were so amazing, and it turned out great...EVEN tho we had to use plastic to close of doors into the kitchen to keep the granite dust at bay, it turned out superb..After the installers left we had to install the double ovens. Of course the cabinet opening was 1/4 shy of fitting the ovens.. Don came to the rescue and got that fixed.. we maneuvered the ovens in place, and time to hook up the new  sink, and the faucet leaked.. after I spent  an hour shining the faucet to look like new.. Off to town for a new  faucet.. OH NO.. another decision. shiny silver,  brushed nickel?? Oh wait..there is a third choice, burnished bronze..  after an our looking at the new style faucets that seem HUGE, we went with burnished bronze.. Back home, installed, and DONE>. ready to learn the new induction cook top ( yes,  we did have to spend $300 on all new magnetic cook ware. I was intimidated, but ready. I had always had gas before moving here, and never  got used to the smooth top glass.. I always boiled stuff over, due to the burners staying hot so long, no quick control. I was always lifting a pot off a burner and holding it in the air, till the burner cooled some. Hear me scream....ahhhhhh!!! Well its been a week, and I love love the induction, and hope to always have it. The new double ovens, with the smaller oven on top, is perfect for the two of us. The kitchen is so much lighter and brighter.. HAPPY it's done, even, with so many problems that popped up... we kept saying.."what will happen next"?   Finally it's all done for now.. we didn't replace all the appliances, phasing out the bisque color, for all black eventually. But for now, it feels good to be able to cook with out holding a pot in the air off a TOO hot burner, and I am ready to bake thru the Holidays.  So here are a few before pictures and after. ! If   you have ever considered induction cooking.. I say YES YES YES !

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  1. I know that was one major job but it turned out so NICE and you all really got it done a lot faster than you realize! It all looks so nice and the kitchen looks so much larger now. Just changing the countertops alone made a huge difference. I love it all! BIG HUGE HUGS Sis! Robin