Thursday, December 5, 2013

Boyfriend Jeans

 I  saw some jeans over at crushpartyblog spot  a few years back...go see them on her blog.

Fell in love.. and tried to come up with my own pair..using her ideas.. Oh her jeans are the MOST fab pair.. SO after  grabbing her ideas ..I bought a new pair of mens jeans.. a tad bigger than me... since the idea of boyfriend jeans is to  steal them from your at the rate I am going I am going to need a bigger boyfriend.. Yikes.. so took the jeans and washed them many times in some bleachy water,,then cut me some holes and let them fray out, used sandpaper to wear them some more.. I had to get me some holes to patch and fast... then picked out some fabrics I loved.. some even had words printed on i used it too. I used  iron on fusing to put on the fabric and jeans.. lots of  fun colors of embroidery floss, some left over fabric from my wedding dress I cut up years ago to make stuff with.. hey.. I was never going to wear that reuse it.  and I get to see bits of it at a time..I have made several projects from it..and it's not all hidden in a box. Plus it was a hand made by my Mom, in the 70"s for very little money.. so even better.. soo memories I can see all the time.     Anyway I used the lace on the back pocked and the two little flowers are made of the bodice lining, singed over a candle to shrink it up.. fun stuff.. hot care full making those flowers..added our  initials and year we  married... Some seed pearls, some silk ribbon floss.. some patches.. The heart patch  with the  grommet hole was a hang tag off a top I bought. There is a Tiffany & Co. patch I love.. it came from a friend that worked in New York Tiffanys. I can add new patches as I wear  hole in these.. So grab u some old jeans.. hmm maybe at the used  clothing rack ?? and get you some comfy fun boyfriend jeans of your own ! So here are some pix..

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  1. They are so stinkin' cute! I just love them and how you added more pieces of your wedding dress. You have been able to get lots of use out of that. Great ideas and such a fun project. LOVE IT! Robin