Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bathroom Mosaic

While at the beach for the month of Jan.  I had way too much time to I sat on the beach and gazed at the ocean... SO I thought.. I really should  mosaic the bathtub/shower surround.. It won't  take that long..So I started buy 12"x12" sheets of glass in beachy color.. Then I had to make some notes of what designs to put on the wall for a pattern..OF course it will be beach theme. Fast forward to  Feb  when we got home, and I started buying more glass.  One day it hit me..THIS Is going to take a long time.. maybe I do not want to tackle this...but the guilt of all the money I already spent on all the glass.. I refused to chicken out. So back to the project...
I got my pattern ideas. Don prepped the walls..I primed the wall area, and cut, nipped and tumbled glass.. mannny manny sheets of glass. I didn't keep track but I  will guess close to 30 sheets. Then I had to use a projector to enlarge the patterns onto the wall, traced them off.. and Feb. 14 I started gluing 1/2 round glass marbles to the  walls..Then when I  did enough of those to suit me..I started  doing the pattern fill in. Here are pix of  the progress.. JUST counting glass prep, patterns, and gluing and grouting and sealing the walls... it took 132 hours. This doesn't count the wallpapering of the ceiling with anaglyta paper, painted it white, then I wanted it to look like  old tin ceiling, so I used some dry brushing of  rub n buff..  hated it.. soo then I decided to cover the entire thing with rub n buff.. It was soo silver..looked like tin..but NOT a beachy I had to re-prime it and repaint it white. I revamped the  ceiling fan/light, painted it, and added shells, also used a glitter technique to  cover the faucets, and knobs in thick glitter that does not come off. No shedding.. also we did not count the time of taking out the old tile floor, and floor trim, re sanding and repainting the trim and Don putting down a new laminate floor, etc.. It was an entire redo...I reallly was tired of that room ..but love it. I sat on a 5 gal bucket to  get to some areas, and other areas, Don had built me a platform that rested over the jacuzzi tub. It was still a long backbreaking process..and I would NOT to it again.. SO I will enjoy it as long as we live in our house. I was totally finished by March 31 ! ....and on to my next project !

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  1. All those long hours of cutting, nipping, gluing and grouting really paid off for you sis! It looks absolutely wonderful and makes me wish I was sitting a bubble bath right now looking at your amazing work! I just love the mermaids hair and fin and frilly fish...they look like they are gliding through the water with ease. And ohhhh who wouldn't love a shimmery, glittered faucet? You did a GREAT JOB! Love it but love you more! Robin