Wednesday, April 23, 2014

VW Love

We traded in our 2004 red vw convertible in 2012 for the new Murano convertible... and  we  learned how much we missed the old bug.. It had sentimental value.. since it was a surprise 30th wedding gift from my sweet Hubby..and every time we saw a VW convert...we kinda felt a pain in our last month we bought a new 2013 Vw , Yellow this time. LOVE is so much nicer than the 2004 we are happy about that..We kept the Murano, it is so nice for the long road trips.. the bug is great scooting to town. And all the yellow just puts some sunshine in your mood. We are so happy to have a bug back in  our heart...and she is fun.. we call her Mellow Yellow. Since the Murano color is called Carribean Pearl, we just call her Pearl. We just know if you want some fun in your life.. get a convertible.. and hit the road.. Key West is a great long red buggy, you made us some wonderful memories ...oh, and Don's first car, a 1959 VW.. The bug that started my BUG LOVE !

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