Monday, July 12, 2010

Mermaid Wall

I wanted to sew a mermaid suit. I hung it over a really old oar, and  hung it  on the stairwell. I made my own pattern and then added lots of  shells,pearls,  some bling, and the scales on the front of the  mermaid skirt I cut out one at a time, and sewed on one at a time..all 189 of them. I used some  crinkly sheer fabric and gathered it tight to sew for the fin.I  had a "coconut" bra  that I had  for years, it was a gag I covered it in fabric and shells and bling. I want it to look like some mermaid  did her  "wash" and hung it out to dry. I do have some other art things I want to  hang up there with a mermaid theme.

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