Sunday, November 15, 2009

Small Shack, Big Happy !

We don't need a lot of space.. we never have wanted formal dining rooms. Just a cozy for when the cousin come for bar b Q's and boating, a spot to have a few friends for dinner, fry up some fresh caught fish ((Thanks Hazel & Chuck - YUMM))) a game of cards or dominoes.. SO Don built a banquet style eating area, some great storage, I covered it with comfy cushion and easy care fabric, sewed pillow cases to cover regular pillows, so I can change the up when the mood hits. So there is a window behind the mural..but we blocked that up when the garage went up, we may re-open the area one day and use decorative film so we don't have to see the garage, but still get light in. We used leftover marble and granite from the floors and counters to tie it all together. The stairwell was suppose to be closed, but we chose to add wood turnings to be able to have an open concept look into the den. I am to blame for the huge t.v. I would have a drive-in theater if I could. Hubby could care less the size.. The next post I will have to show you what the banquet started from.. Bit's and pieces. Tonight was the first fall weather..some rain brought some we had the first fire in the wood stove of the season !

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