Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Shack Hangouts

We don't need a lot of space. Just a small area for casual dining with friends , eat a home made meal, some fresh caught fish, play some cards or dominoes with the neighbors. So no formal areas for us. We spend so much time outside in spring in summer. SO here is our combined living room, dining area. Don built a banquet style seating, with storage under it, and I covered it with easy care fabric, and sewed fun pillow cases to put on regular bed pillows.. easy to toss in the wash and can resew new ones when the urge strikes. We used leftover marble and granite from the floors and counters to make the table and wood stove backing. Wait till u see how that table came about. There is a large window behind the mural on the wall.. but we covered it up, because we put that large garage on that side of the house, and chose not to see it..but later we may reopen that window and just use a decorative film so we can get some light coming thru. But for now we like the look. The stairwell was originally suppose to be all closed in, and we chose to use wood turnings to be achieve a more open look into the den. The overly huge t.v is my fault.. If I could have a drive- in theater in my house I would... hubby could take the big screen or leave it ... anyway.. here's where we hang and life is casual and fun at the HAPPY SHACK !

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