Friday, September 7, 2012

Painting... again !

I just love the Sea Turtle Green paint.. it looks more like  a Tiffany Box Blue.. I first painted the revamped gathering room this color.. then I  loved it so much I painted the Kitchen and back entry..even the door panels. (( HAD the paint..Had to use it , right? )))  So months go by and I still get so happy seeing it..and I had leftover I had to paint the upstairs hallway.. I left the tall walls the "sugar cookie" ..dreading tackling the tall wall up the stairwell. AND  I like the way the colors look together.  A few more months go by, and wild hair hits.. so I decided to paint the master bedrooms Vanity area..since it is separated by a wall with a wide opening.  Hmm do I have enough paint.. maybe not.. so a quick call to my sister... we recently  painted her master bathroom this color..sooo she had extra, I mixed it with my leftover..and yes.. I LOVE It.. I like how the painted  cabinets I did, go so well. really makes them POP..and I  don't think I am a beige person..the butterscotchy-biege color  bored me after  a few years.. AND I do plan to paint the master bedroom area  when we get back from the beach this  fall. I will have to buy more paint..but I love waking up and seeing this color.. and anytime I am in a room with it..I feel calm and relaxed..and HAPPY.  Kind of shocking...since PINK is my SIGNATURE color.. But my  art studio is I am good !

  Hope this color makes you  smile too ! Here are some before and after pictures.. of the upstairs hall and the master vanity area.. and the master bedroom area that will be getting  the "blues" next !

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