Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sand pails & shovels.

I love sand pails and shovels.... I started finding  shovels on the beach..so decided to "Collect & display" some.. Seems like I mostly find  yellow shovels. I did buy some new  shovels to help start the display. I had  a pretty  card from my sweet friend Teresa in McKinney,TX  I have saved it for years, finally framed it and  added it to my display. I hung them at the top of the stairs, opposite of the mermaid outfit.. just a little whimsy..brings out the kid in me every time I see them....and wouldn't you know it.. we have been at the beach one week and I already found a shovel..and yes..it's yellow !  I hope to find another pink one! YOU never know.. we will be here two months !

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