Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great trash to treasure find

I was out on the golf cart this weekend.. cruised by a small yard sale.. looked like nothing for me there.. exercise stuff..NOPE... Nuttin to see here... then I spied it .... just daring me to take a closer look..and I did.. there she was.. whispering.." take me home... I have potential..." I kept looking away. trying to ignore the call.. my mind asked her.. "where will I put you" ? Do I NEED you" ? I chatted up the yard sale lady trying not to look at this interesting beauty.. and then I see a tag ... $3 ... OH that had to be a mistake.. I had to be seeing wrong.. instantly my trash to treasure brain kicked in.. $3 if you don't use it for you.. bet u can give it as a gift all fixed up... hmmm ??? then she said.. " OH NOOOO .. if you take me home.. I stay !! I know there is a spot waiting for me in your art studio.... I need some paint, antiqued and look.. I fold down ! " Well that was the kicker.. I saw the "VISION" she was sending.. antique blue with pink cabbage roses on the inset of the tray...The detail will pop with paint..that metal braid rope is so unique... I pulled out $3 ..loaded that beauty on the cart...and was long gone.. Next time you see her.. she will be calling to YOU can look... she's here to stay.. !

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