Sunday, December 9, 2012


Thanks to Pinterest I saw an idea for a new ottoman.. Just liked how they reused an old  coffee table. I pinned the idea.probably will never use the idea..but someone may..I continued pinning things for weeks.. like we all is my cyber "hoarding" space. Well in Oct. while we were spending 2 months on the beach we were out shopping and  I ran across some fabulous cow hides.. YES ..cow hides.. I love them..even tho I am more of a girly girl in decorating. I petted it and left..Since I had no use for one. Next day sitting on the beach it hit me. OH i could make that cowhide into that ottoman. A large one to scoot up to the sofa to make it feel like a lounger.. sooo back to town we went to pick thru the hides..$100 for here it is Dec..  I had been driving past my fav. junk store..never seeing the perfect table to reuse.One day I took dear hubby and off we went junking..40 miles from home..the 3rd place we went.. boom there it was..The legs were perfect. Paid the lady $38 ..she was shocked I would just want the legs off the table..well it was  rectangle shape..and the top of the table was shaped so it would not work..and I knew how prices plain new legs at Lowes load up table... lets roll.. Hubby cut me a 28" X 28" square of plywood, rounded the I went to town to buy a cushion and some batting and nail heads.. Of course all the cushions were 24 x 24.. Well I ordered a memory foam pad off the internet ,$48and cut it up in to 2 28 x28 squares..and now I have enough of that to recushion the settee at the foot of our bed.. so that will be  getting a lift soon.

.but first.. glued the foam on with hot glue in a few places to hold it steady while I wrapped it in the hide. thicker than normal upholstery fabric.. but got it done..stapled it all on with staple gun... then trying to  keep the nail heads all in a nice line was tricky..ended up using some masking tape as a guide. The legs off the table I sanded lightly, primed with Kilz, then two coats of Colonial Cream. and mixed me up some antique glaze of  Asphaltum color paint (craft paint and clear glaze 50/50) brushed on the antique, let it set for a few min..them wipe off excess.. After that dried I used the glaze mix and spattered the legs with  a toothbrush..let that dry and sprayed them with a quick mist of clear coat paint. SO here it is.. LOVE it.. I may actually sit on the couch now.. there's a place to put my feet up !!! so adding up the nail heads and other things I bought to finish the job.. I spent a total of $190 !


  1. That is the most sophisticated cow I have ever seen and you did a GREAT JOB on it!! It looks like something that came from the factory! I will be pinning this cause people need to see what can be accomplished with things from the junk stores! Moooooooooooo Purty cow!

  2. Aww Thank You Robin, You know my eclectic style of this and that in my room !