Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Major Award

Yes we have all seen the movie, Christmas Story. The Major Award, Leg Lamp. I know it is so kitschy but I still love that lamp.. I see it on the movie year after year. So this past Holiday.. there it was.. the after Christmas sale.. 1/2 off at Walgreens... I just impulsed shopped it.. Then got it home.. sheshh..that is one ugly lampshade. What was I thinking.. it looked better in the movie.. maybe it should have forever stayed there !! Oh well, 1/2 price.. it would find a new home.. I can pass it down in a yard sale or something.  Then one day it happened.. I had a  thought.. IF i made a leg lamp...it would be so much more "Girly"....and " PINK"..   then a thought ran thru my head that turned into a vision.. Pink polka dot satin fabric I already had,white ribbon with pink polka dots,  I also already had.Pink feather boa, used  a 40% off coupon, pink paint to repaint the lamp base and  cord, diamond dust glitter for the base on top of the pink base. A tiny rhinestone on her shoe, some beaded garland as her garter , high on her thigh. This is the results.. before.. Ughh-ly..... after... Pink-taculous ! It looks  great in my PINK  art studio. These pictures were taken against the Tiffany blue walls so it would stand out. (like it doesn't STAND OUT on its own. Tee hee.. It makes me smile to see it. Hope you get a giggle out of it too !

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