Saturday, January 30, 2010

Towels for the girls

I had to make these towels for my "sole sisters" .. Little Maddie and Dani will be the first to want to swim in spring..and they always forget a towel.. and that spring lake water is so cold they are about blue when they get out. I took bright colored large bath towels..((I folded these so you can see the top and the bottom trim))) I used a wide strip of coordinating fabric at the top, cut out their initials from another fabric, and then used my applique stitch on my sewing machine to sew the initials on. I added some fabric glitter to the dragonfly wings for a little "sparkle". I also added a smaller strip of fabric to the lower part of the towel. The girls loved them and now they can keep their towels on their golf carts and zip on down to the waters edge for a dip in the lake.. I can see them now... swim, jump on the golf cart and zip up to our place to have quick rinse off in the hot outdoor shower... lots of giggles and looking for a sweet treat to finish the fun...11 year old girls say the silliest things. they keep me young !

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