Thursday, January 21, 2010

These boots are made for walkin.....

Yes.. they ARE made for walkin.. These just arrived at the beach today.. my dear friend from CandyCreek and I did a little Instant Message shopping the other day.. Well the weather here was we shopped... Good thing the weather has changed for the better.. SO the boots I choose to "puddle jump" in are navy blue.. with multi colored dots and blue trim. YES there is some pink on them...The most fun rain boots ever !

I actually went outside the condo and walked in the big old puddle in the parking lot.. Had to make sure they don't leak. We had some big rain the past two days...and major fog...BUT warm.. near 70 we are able to get out and walk.. and have started some walk/jogging to speed up the metabolism.. So foggy you can't see how big the waves were today. We have been around shopping when we get cabin fever while we waited for the unseasonable cold to pass.. Hit the outlet stores in Foley,Alabama..I needed to visit the CROC outlet.. looking for some great "beach" themed items for the lake house.. and also had to buy another mermaid statue.. she's here to chase away the cold and bring the southern breezes back.. her name is Gracie Pearl..and shes working on the better weather for us.. last fall we bought a mermaid and named her Belle, she kept the hurricanes away from us. THEY truly are good luck ! We have been able to walk the beach and hunt for shells.. got in the water to our shins.. a tad brisk.. but with the sun we are able to sit on the beach in our chairs and read.. there's a nice paved path across from us on the "sound" side near the we walk there...and got the bikes out and rode yesterday. A great way to get some fresh air. When we went on our second walk today was so foggy our hair was WET.

Spring is on the way I think!

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