Saturday, January 30, 2010

CAKE... carrier

Might as well blog as we wait for the weather to clear up here at the beach. Jan. weather here in Florida has not been as warm as I wanted..BUT I am used to it being in the 90's with 90% humidity when we are here in Sept. & Oct. so anything less than 55 is cold to me! We have been able to get in quite a few walks on the paved path...50 miles worth ( we measured our walk route by car ) In the 1960's my Mom had a cake carrier just like this..only hers was avocado green...well this one was too, until I painted it. It actually has 3 separate compartments. The top one you could put a pie or cookies in, the center section that I painted black with pink roses is for 3 to 4 layer cake, and the lowest section u can put a pie or cupcakes. You can load all three sections, stack it up, and use the clamp and handle to carry it off to a block party. I have fond memories of my Moms German chocolate cake being stored in her carrier. And holidays... pies, and goodies galore were ready and waiting. I look forward to this springs "Lake Opener" cook-out to fill mine up and let the neighbors find homemade treats. The cook out that signals the summer lake houses are open, and neighbors are ready for swimming, bar-b-Q's ,watching the sun set over the lake with a cold drink in hand, bar-b-Q's and sitting around open fires til late into the night. Yes Wendy, we are ready to host the party at the Happy Shack again this spring..see you there! Wait till you see the new party lites for the pergola !

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  1. ohhh I just love it sis! That will surely be a crowd pleaser when you walk in with that! I wish that we had lake openers like you all do. Oh I'm sure that they do somewhere on our lake but we don't participate in them cause we've never been invited. When I saw the carrier it put a smile on my face. You did a great job on it!