Friday, January 8, 2010

Beach Winter

We decided to try the beach in the winter.. well of course it's been an unseasonable cold winter for them.. We got here Jan. 1 and will stay till April 1. I am sure you have read about it being so cold in southern Florida that iguanas were dropping out of trees...from going into a hibernation mode to stay alive, and forgetting to hold on to trees, and fall "thump" to the ground..also the Miami Zoo has been giving the Apes hot chocolate to stay warm.. We are hoping after this weekend it starts back to normal temps here.. It was nice enough the past two days to go out on the beach and shell.. took a 3 1/2 mile walk and shelled both days.. Yesterday it was actually 61! Woo hoo..sure beat the cold deep freeze our lake house is having right now. We brought our bikes to ride, books to read, and even all our old photos to go thru and thin out and organize. and brought our wiifit plus to try to keep winter fat off.
When it warms up we are going to go south to Treasure Island , Weeki Watchee Springs area to check out some rentals further south..were its usually mid 70's and 80's in winter.. we saw several on the internet..but want to see them in real life first. But this winter we are here, and will be back here again for Sept. /Oct. it is so nice here then.. So as you can see its empty beach in crowds..and even the locals stay away on chilly days like today..North wind..look at the flag flying straight out.. On our trip here we were in southern Arkansas and past a small town pond & picnic area.. we saw this rather odd geese..looked like they were pretty ratty from the distance..But up close they had curly feathers..We googled and found out they are Sebastapol geese.. but they cannot they would be easy prey to dogs and coyotes . Fun to see tho. Hope to have some interesting beach pictures later on. Peek back.. Stay warm

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