Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pink Christmas

Since I have a pink flamingo theme in my dining area, I decided a white tree with flamingo ornaments would be perfect, I found several flamingo ornaments, and even used some to make napkin rings. I had bought a Christmas Story leg lamp a few years ago, but i put my own spin on it, love it at Christmas time. I love the big flamingo, I placed some wings on it for Christmas, it is so vintage looking, and is meant to be outside, but I just love seeing it indoors.I recently had re- painted the table legs bright pink,with  a pink metallic pearl glaze, and it really set off the mosaic table top I did several years ago. The table legs were given to me by a friend, and were used on a different table (you will see it in the dining area banquet from and old post, if you scroll way way back., we moved the dining area to a different area in the house, so we have a great view of the lake when we eat. We spend a lot of hours sitting in the comfy chairs watching the lake action, if we are not on the water or the porch !

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