Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Another kitchen remodel

Yes, I change my mind..a lot..  If you scroll down thru several pages of posts to "Kitchen Re-model, you can compare with these pix. The marble floors in the kitchen had to go..They had dulled over the years..Learn from me, marble does not hold up well in a kitchen, plus it is hard on your feet, and cold in winter..So Don tackled the floors...bamboo this time..Love the darker floor, it sets off the dark trim accents in the kitchen. I have painted the dishwasher and fridge.love them, they were boring beige. I added a little "fairy" door in the back entry, just for whimsy. Then I decided to put some anaglypta textured wallpaper up for my backsplash, to see if I want some real tile backsplash.. I didn't prime the paper, I just dry brushed metallic paint over the paper.. DONE ! I like how the white headboard I hung in the back entry shows up better..as well as the pink shutters on the blue wall. Bermuda Bay blue with a glaze of white pearl paint.. OH the shimmer is so wonderful !

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  1. I just love what you did with your kitchen remodel. Gorgeous! My husband and I also had to take out marble floors in our kitchen. Sure, they look beautiful, and all, but what most people don't is that they do dull over time and boy they are cold to walk on during the chiller times of the year.