Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kitchen closeups

Just some details about changes, and re-use / re-cycle. I love to take stuff and use it in ODD ways... So here goes. I had to have my GE Artica fridge. But it was so large, it needed "hidden". Instead of building a wall, this old headboard did the job. Thanks Shellie for giving it to now has a new life ! I had Don add some dental molding trim to one edge, and some turned spindles for "feet". He used brackets to attach it to the wall.. it's good and stable.I Painted the head board an off white called "sugar blossom" , a color I use all the time. I used a "grass green" for the rest. after I antiqued it, the grass green looked more teal green. I spattered it with the same antique glaze. Then used brush on chalkboard paint. Every kitchen needs a chalk board ! It is one of my favorite things in the kitchen.The cheapest thing.. yet one I love.
The bake center...well the stove was suppose to be there according to the original plans..BUT since we were doing it our self..we could change it up.. moving that washer dryer wall gave us the room to put the stove on the other side of the room. Leaving this spot for a bake center, and more counter. Don got the bake center done, then realized there was no head room.. SO a few months later he remade it.. Brought the cabinet out away from the wall... added more counter top.Perfect.. He has re-modeled so many things in the house before we ever finished the house. But he's so patient , and he does great work ! My hero !
Here is a close up of the window film. It is laser cut and comes from It's awesome stuff. A tad pricey, but worth it. Easy to put on, has an adhesive, peel and stick back.

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