Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bedroom Details

Here are a few close ups in Master bedroom. The Tiffany boxes were sent to me from a friend in New York That worked at Tiffany' I had to make a "Tiffany clock" ..cut out an opening that would show my digital clock numbers..that's as close to a Tiffany clock as I will ever get ! I ordered a bunch of galvanized cleats, and I gave them a patina finish, to use as tie backs for all the shades in the house. Notice the fossil ed leaf imprints on the wall too. More on that technique later... I found some decorative birdhouses at Samsclub one year, and knew that dear Hubby could adapt them into lites in the "new house"..and he did.. on dimmers...mood lighting.. I got the sconces at Ross.. I had a blast finding odds and ends to put to good use in the house. One night soaking in my Jacuzzi tub..listening to t.v in the bedroom I came up with the shell mirror.I figured if I hung a mirror on the door just right.. the t.v would be reflected..and I could watch from the hot bubble bath I love to soak in. Just and inexpensive mirror.and glued shells all over it.. and done ! I took a metal plane, and painted a banner of " Always Kiss me Goodnight" ..I painted a full moon face on the plane..and it says "Donnie's full moon flights" perfect ! Next time your out shopping, think of another way to use something.. Think outside the box ! Tiffany, or otherwise !

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  1. are so talented!!! You must share the technique of the imprint of the leafing...I just love it..