Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Too many projects, to little time !

Even after I thought the new house was done... I think of more and more projects. I will head to bed ready for some serious sleep, and the visions start to dance thru my head. Then I can't sleep. I think creative minds are restless. But if this happens to you, YOU know no matter what you do, the ideas swarm like bees at their hive. Give in to it. Get up, write down the ideas. I even get up and work on stuff... I try to have something set out in my work room to work on quietly so poor hubby doesn't hear me. I don't think I need as much sleep as some people. I can stay up till 2 a.m and get up at 7 a.m and go all day. Sometimes I may only be sitting at the computer for a lot of the day, searching for great sites to browse. Or chatting with great friends online.. and we know how inspiring that can be ! So I have to force myself up and away from the online window shopping, and chit chat..and hit the housework. Today I have a full list to complete...but still I sit and ponder...someone tip me out of this chair please...the clock is ticking !

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